The rules Of poker

A very magical and clever combination

Brief description of the page About the basic rules of Playing poker online for beginners Learn this exciting game: the Rules of the game of Poker you need to know In order not to ask Once again the question about How to play poker for A beginner? Learn it once, spend a Little time learning it, and You'll know the rules Of poker for the rest Of your lifeFirst, we need to understand The essence of the game, For this we need to Consider its sequence from the Very beginning.! The second thing we need To do is study the Card combinations in poker. Here are the poker combinations Of cards, in ascending order Of their strength. At the top are the Weakest, and lower down - stronger And stronger. These are traditional combinations that Are used not only in Hold'em, but also in All other types of poker. Remember that poker combinations are The basis of the game And the main rules of Poker, so it is advisable To remember them immediately, like The multiplication table. For the first time, I Suggest you print out this Page, but then, after playing A little or a lot, You will know all these Poker combinations by heart. Poker combinations are the presence Of the first two cards In your hands, dealt preflop In combination with the cards Laid out on the table In subsequent rounds or subsequent hands. All below the listed poker Combinations are listed in order Of how often they appear When playing online or home poker. Basic combinations in Texas hold'Em poker: there are controversial Situations When more than one Player has the same card combinations. In this case, the dispute Is resolved by identifying the Senior kicker. The highest card is a Single card that is determined By seniority - the highest card, If there are no other Combinations for all players remaining In the pot draw. One pair is two cards Of the same value in Your hands-pocket pairs, or In combination with cards that Are laid out on the table. For example, a pair of Jacks in your hands, no Stronger than one Queen in Your hand and one Queen On the table. The ladies on the table Are even more preferable than Two pairs-these are two Cards of the same value, Plus two cards of a Different value. The main thing is that The cards in your hands And the cards on the Table form a combination, one Of the examples of which Is shown in the picture below. Three of a kind or A set is three cards Of the same advantages of Five cards laid out on The table and two cards In your hands. Otherwise, the wheel consists of Fives, including an ACE, that Is, in this case, the Cards are in order from To an ACE. A Royal Flush is the Same as a straight flush, But with an ACE at The top: ACE, King, Queen, Jack, Ten of the same suit. The Royal Flush beats all Other combinations, is the strongest And rarest combination. That's basically all you Need to know about the Basics of hold'em poker! Play and enjoy! And then only your bluff And the skill of studying Opponents will help you in The game!.

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