The rules Of the Game classic Poker

A maximum of cards are Allowed to be changed

Number of decks: number of Cards in the deck: number Of players: or more card Seniority, Q, D, K, T The Goal of the game Is to create a combination Of cards that will be The highest among other combinations Of playersThe player with the highest Hand wins the money placed In the pot. The rules of the game. Poker is the most popular Game the game is in The world and there are A huge number of its Varieties, which are reduced to A single basic provisions or Classic rules of the game. Before starting the game, each Player makes ante ante first bet. Then the deck is carefully Shuffled by the dealer, who Does not take part in The game and each player Is dealt cards originally, when Poker Was invented, cards were dealt. After that, each player looks At their cards and the First round of trading begins. If there is only one Player left to make the Biggest bet, and all the Other players discard their cards, Then this player becomes the Winner and takes all the Money in the Bank, regardless Of what cards this player Has and the game ends there. Otherwise, the trade goes on Until all the players of U equal their bets call Or fold their cards fold. If all players have discarded Their cards, the game ends And the pot draw is Moved to the next game. If the players have equalized Their bets, this means the End of the first round Stage of trading, and players Are given the right to Exchange several of their cards With the cards of the Remaining deck. The cards are changed at One time, that is, the Player gives his exchange cards To the dealer and the Dealer gives the same number Of cards from the deck To the player. Then the next last round Of trading begins, where players Do the same thing as On the first round of Trading: place a bet, equalize Bets, increase bets or discard cards. If there is only one Player left during this round Of trading, then he takes All the Bank's money For himself, if all players Fold, then the game ends And the pot draw goes To the next game, if All remaining players have made Equal bets, then the cards Of these players are opened And compared, and the player Whose combination of cards is Older wins and takes the Pot for himself.

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