We study Poker terminology, Using

In this part, we will Continue to do so

So, in the first part, We started to learn different Poker terminology, using the example Of stats in XMthis action is similar to Bet, except that it only Counts those bets that occurred In situations where there was An opening raise and after That, there was one or More more calls before the Player made bet. this is the player's Action when he simply equalizes Someone else's bet in The unopened pot, instead of Opening with a raise or folding.

bet range can be calculated As follows: Total PFR multiplied By bet.

It should be noted that Most situations with bet include Late positions and PFR and Bet will be higher than The total, namely in late positions. Aggression the percentage can change From zero to one hundred, And is based on aggressive Actions on each street.

All because I did out Of aggressive actions

So if I put down The turn and river but Check on the flop, my Aggression percentage will be. this stat shows: when you Check, someone Bet and then You raise. Here you need to remember That it is calculated as The number of check-raises Divided by the number of Situations where a check-raise Was possible, and not the Number of check-raises divided By the number of streets viewed. I think these terms will Be enough for the second Part and in my next Article, I will finally analyze All the stats for XM And I hope this information Will help beginners quickly understand Not only the poker terminology, But also the statistics that The hold'em Manager provides Us with. All this, of course, is Great, but it would really Be much cooler if, in Addition to translating terms, explanations Were given on the numerical Values of stats and their Practical implementation.

All that, of course, it'S great, but it would Really be much cooler if, In addition to translating terms, Explanations were given on the Numerical values of stats and Their practical implementation.

Does this mean I have To teach people how to Play poker? I don't think I Have such a high level Of play to teach others. In this series of articles, I wanted to decipher the Terms that are used by The coach in the Waters Or on forums. And already how to use Stats HMM, and in what Situations it is right to Do, it's not for Me to tell Well, if, Dear author, you decided to Reprint the English-Russian dictionary, Then, probably, you should be Able to do it correctly. Request to the author. We have a tag - 'poker For beginners'. Can you also add it To your posts? It is quite possible that The guys will find this Useful.

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