What can We learn From poker

And indeed, this is a Special game

In others, everything is determined By chance, this is how Slot machines workThe third type is where You need to guess the Opponent's intentions to win, As in the children's Game "rock, paper, scissors". And poker connects all these Types of games.

Success depends both on the Strategy of the case and The ability to bluff.

For those who need bright Emotions and are prone to Adventures, poker brings real pleasure. Of course, he owes part Of his success to the Media, which turned poker into The new "American dream." Newspapers and magazines, TV Shows, and even entire TV Channels regularly talk about players Who have won small prizes While participating in online tournaments. large sums, and then suddenly Became millionaires. In a sense, poker today Is a new metaphor for The struggle for a place In the sun: more and More young people see this Game as a chance to Earn their first "serious" money. "A novice player can Actually beat a seasoned Pro Quite unexpectedly," says Artur Voskanyan, Vice President of the Russian Sports poker Federation. Unpredictability is what distinguishes poker From many other games in The first place. Calculation and luck coexist organically Here, and this makes the Game exciting.ALWAYS KEEP A CLEAR HEAD, DO NOT GET TURNED ON BY FAILURES, DO NOT TRY AT ALL COSTS TO OUTPLAY SOMEONE WHO HAS ANGERED YOU WITH SOMETHING." Poker has many varieties, And it is played all Over the world - both "live", In poker clubs or at Home with friends, and online, On the Internet. This game is intellectual, and Therefore elite, it is on A par with such Hobbies As Golf, cricket, yachting. Politicians, diplomats, and businessmen are Eager to spend time at The card table. everyone finds something different in poker. Actors-the use of their Talents, athletes-excitement, writers-the Opportunity to observe the behavior Of other people. Moreover, poker is taught in Schools! According to Jean-Marc Chicco, A teacher at a Parisian School, who introduced an hour Of weekly practice classes in This discipline in his class, Poker helps year-olds overcome Excitement, become more patient, develop Logic, deductive thinking and mathematical abilities. And on the other side Of the Atlantic ocean, the Importance of studying poker in The modern world is being Championed by Harvard University Professor Charles Nesson, along with the Student organization GPSTS.

What lessons does poker teach players? The rules of the game At first glance are very simple.

You need to collect a Combination of five cards that Is better than the opponent'S, and thus take the Pot, which includes all the Players bets. Or, if you can't Win, get out of the Game with the least losses. These you can learn the Rules in ten minutes and Then sit down to play And enjoy the first games. "And at the same Time, you have to learn Them all your life, apply New strategies, and master other Types of games: if you Stay on the same level, You will inevitably start losing," Says Kirill Gerasimov, who won The first Russian championship in Texas hold'em the most Popular type of poker in. Another professional player Ivan Demidov Agrees with him in, after Becoming the second in the Most prestigious poker championship, the World series of poker WSOP, He won $. million: "This game teaches patience, Making quick optimal decisions, trains Endurance emotional and physical, observation, Memory, logic, intuition. But it takes time to Develop these qualities to perfection." When playing poker, you Have to deal with a Variety of information: constantly calculate The probabilities how big are My chances of winning with A single card?. with these cards? and at the same time Think about the enemy's Moves, observe his facial expressions, gestures. Games can last several hours And require concentration, fluency in Playing techniques, and self-control. "To succeed, you need Not only to build a Strategy and tactics of your Own game, but also to Change them, adapting to other Players, that is, to be Plastic," confirms psychotherapist Irina Denisova. "And you need to Learn that, too." His total winnings in Various poker tournaments over the Past three years totaled $. "At poker school, we Were told to look at Our cards last," says Ilya Bezugly, a short-time player, Editorial Director of Maxim magazine. First you need to look At the opponents cards if Possible and, most importantly, evaluate Their reaction to the game: Carefully look at their gestures, Facial expressions and trust what You see, not what they say.The main component of my Success this is the ability To "read" people, " admits Kirill Gerasimov. Very different people in terms Of game level and character Types gather at the gambling table. It can be eight experienced Players and two beginners, and These two are especially dangerous, As they can start playing Without matching the cards they hold. In this case, other players Have to act based not On the logic of poker, But on the idea of How beginners see their next move. Haircuts, hand movements, and even The brand of a watch All help competitors understand each other. "In a sense, poker Forces players to develop the Ability to empathize, although in This case they are not Pursuing a very noble goal," Says psychotherapist Viktor Makarov, " since It is necessary to understand The other in poker in Order to defeat them sooner.Poker is a great training Program that teaches you to Read the emotions and behavior Of others and accept people For who they are," agrees Irina Denisova. "Even if it's Just to recognize when your Opponents are bluffing, and bluff Yourself more confidently." Does winning poker depend More on skill or chance? As much as we'd Like to count on the Favor of fortune, mathematicians have Proven that success is directly Related to skill. This conclusion may change the Legislation of some countries that Define poker as one of The dangerous gambling games, and Will give it the opportunity To join the family of Logic games that are officially Recognized by the IOC as Sports: chess, checkers, bridge card Game and go. For three months, mathematicians from The Hamburg Institute of law And Economics Germany recorded all Online games of Texas hold'Em-the most popular version Of poker on the Internet. After analyzing the results of Games played by thousand people, They came to the conclusion That fortune smiles more often For those who played at Least a thousand combinations which Corresponds to about hours of "Live" play or hours in Online mode, where the game Always goes faster. This conclusion is also confirmed By research Sean McCulloch, computer Systems scientist at Ohio state University USA. After evaluating more than million Poker games on the Internet, He came to the conclusion That only of them end With the cards revealed and Then the one who got The most successful hand wins.

In all other cases, the Most experienced player wins.

He won the Monaco Editors-in-chief Russian media Poker tournament Monaco Editors Challenge With a win of $.

Some games are based on Strategy, such as chess

"The best way to Understand another person is to Learn to understand and feel Yourself," Artur Voskanyan is sure. During the game, you have To control yourself all the Time: restrain the joy when A great combination falls out, Be confident and calm when A bad game is played.

Self-control and psychological stability Are the most important qualities Of a successful player.

According to Ivan Demidov, poker Teaches "always to keep a Sober head, not to get Turned on by failures, not To try to outplay the One who loves you." made me angry." Another passionate poker player, Tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov, believes That poker, like tennis, develops Courage and self-belief: "Otherwise, It is simply impossible to win.In the eighth minute, I Lost all my big chips," Recalls Ilya Bezugly. Out of boredom, I started Playing bad cards-I started Taking less risks. And slowly leveled off. So I became the winner." This is the piquancy Of poker. You can be an inexperienced Player and, like Ilya, win A tournament and, conversely, perfectly Master the art of bluffing, Have the best set of Cards possible, play brilliantly and Still lose. As a result, for example, Bad bits eng. bad beat, which is feared By all players, is when The opponent, despite all probabilistic Layouts, unexpectedly receives exactly the Cards that bring him victory. It is difficult to survive Defeat, especially if you consider Yourself invincible. it is not easy to Continue the game after losing As well as winning a Lot of money. But poker teaches players to Rise up after the fall. "In the game, as In life, there are those Who complain that they are Unlucky, and those who take Responsibility," says Viktor Makarov. "Some people cite fortune Largely to avoid questioning their Own actions, others put in Even more effort and, as A rule, achieve success.Poker is a great opportunity To explore your relationship with Money," says Artur Voskanyan. In particular, it teaches you Not to overestimate the role Of money in life and To structure your time. You can play for anything Other than real money, including On the Internet. According to Ilya Bezugly, " you Get pleasure not from winning Money, but from the fact That you win." And yet, when the Chips do not have a Price, then the game strategy Changes, the excitement goes away, The courage is lost. Therefore, many poker fans, in Order to be able to Play for real money and Not spend all their earnings On the game, create a Certain cash reserve for the Game, known as a bankroll.

For one night they buy Chips for games, for example, For ten dollars if they Win, they can get from Twenty to thirty dollars, if They lose, they will spend An amount comparable to the Price of a movie ticket.

Winnings add to the bankroll: It becomes a gold reserve, Growing as the game of Its owner improves. As a result, the player Gets the opportunity to participate In more expensive tournaments, where The winnings, respectively, can be large. "IT'S EASY TO LEARN THE RULES, BUT YOU HAVE TO LEARN THEM ALL YOUR LIFE: IF YOU STAY ON THE SAME LEVEL, YOU INEVITABLY START TO LOSE." Another way to control Your finances is to set A limit for yourself from The very beginning, and after A year to assess your Profits and losses, and only Then make a decision about Where and how to play next. "Gambling and luck are The main prerequisites for a Painful addiction to any game," Explains psychotherapist Gennady Starshenbaum. The player will always remember This sweet feeling of good Luck, strive to again and Again he relives it and Begins to check: did fortune Really love him? He loses and wants to Play even more. Gradually, it becomes more difficult For him to control himself, The desire to play becomes The only goal in life." Like Gennady Starshenbaum, psychotherapist Marc Valleur treats those who Suffer from their excessive need To play. According to him, these are Usually adherents of pure gambling Fans of slot machines, blackjack, Which is associated with an Illusory feeling that the player Can control luck. "Poker is not only A gambling game, but also A strategy game, which limits The risk of addiction " says Mark Waller. Such players are more likely To have problems with money, Rather than addiction as such: This includes teenagers who gamble Online using their parents credit Cards, and adults who are Caught in a vicious circle: They borrow money again and Again to pay off their debts.".

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