What is MTT poker and what are its varieties

most players start their poker experience with cash games

However, there comes a time when everyone turns to tournamentsModern poker offers more there are ten different types of tournaments, but in this article we will tell you about the simplest, most common and already classic ones. This abbreviation stands for Multi-table tournament, which can be translated as a multi-table tournament. In Russian, the abbreviation MTT has also taken root, although it would be more logical to call them MST-multi-table tournaments. A huge number of participants can take part in such events. The prize pool is often claimed by as many as - of participants. MTT poker tournaments can last for several days, and they are distributed both live and online. So, the largest series of World Series of Poker and online WCOOP, PowerFest consist mainly of classic MTT classics have their own specific rules, but there are also some varieties that almost completely copy this type of tournament, but add various interesting things.

It is simple, inexpensive and does not require anything

The structure of this is very simple.

Players are registered and randomly seated at the tables.

Then those as needed poker players who lose all their chips are eliminated until there is only one final chip left. There, the confrontation continues until, until there is only one winner. Prizes are then distributed in a pre-determined percentage, either from the guaranteed prize pool or the amount that has been collected by all players buy-ins. The main difference between MTT and the equally popular Sit Go is the start at the designated time. Since such confrontations often last for several hours, they often start in the evening, so that poker players have the opportunity to spend the night on them without sacrificing the day's business. all poker rooms have a stable tournament grid, where the main events that are held regularly are indicated. But there are also separate series with much larger prize pools. Often they attract even those players who usually do not play in these rooms.

To participate, you don't use regular chips with a specific value.

It is enough to pay once buy-in is an entrance ticket and you will receive the same number of tournament chips. Speaking of varieties, it is worth mentioning that some events also have reboots and Addons as an option. This is an opportunity to purchase tournament chips for a fee. Rebuys are made at the beginning of the tournament and can be made if the number of your chips is lower than the starting stack. The addon is available after the end of this stage, regardless of your condition, and often gives you an order of magnitude more chips for the same amount. The game of MTT poker is quite complex and can be tedious for novice players, but it will teach you how to adapt to different opponents, play with different stacks, and survive the usual marathons for experienced poker players. they are all characterized by levels - that is, an increase in the size of the blinds after a while. Thanks to this, events do not lose momentum and do not allow players to behave too passively. Sometimes, at later stages, an ante may be introduced, which is mandatory for all players bid. It is mandatory in addition to the blinds. Any poker room or live casino takes a Commission for playing with them. On cash tables, this is a rake from each hand. In the case of tournaments, the Commission is calculated from your buy-in and amounts to. Sometimes, for example, in the case of one of the largest tournaments in history - Big One for One Drop, the casino completely refuses Commission in its favor, donating a percentage to charity. First of all, it is, of course, the events themselves. You can play on a super-cheap event that costs only $, but then, even if you take the first place, you should not expect a very large reward. A buy-in for the WSOP main event costs as much as $, but in, for example, the first-place prize was a nice $ million. The next thing that is different is the speed of changing levels. The blinds can go up in the range of to minutes. This dynamic makes the game very uneven and does not allow for the participation of tight players.

They call turbo or even hyperturbo.

Freerolls are the usual MTT tournaments, the main difference of which is free participation with a real prize pool. This is a great opportunity to create a starting bankroll without paying a penny for Satellites-events where you get a ticket to another, larger tournament for winning. For example, for $ you can participate in an event that will give you a ticket or a whole package worth several tens of thousands of dollars. In standard MTTs, picking takes place all the time, and all tables are constantly full.

In a shutout, you continue to play at the first table until you are alone, after which you will be paired with another winner.

Time tournaments last for a strictly defined time, after which the winners are determined by the stack size at the time the timer stops. MTT poker is the favorite entertainment of your favorite poker player. It is much more interesting to play in such events than at cash tables, because in this case the opponents are constantly changing, the difficulty increases, and the blinds grow, stacks change and much, much more. But the motivation to play such events is also much higher. After all, in fact, by making a small contribution and spending a few hours, you can increase your fortune by several hundred or even thousands of times. Over the past few years, online poker rooms have come up with a huge number of different types of such tournaments, so you can not just compete, but also do it for free, get bonuses for "knocking out" opponents, play on time and much more.

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