World And European Poker Champions. Who gets The title Of world

They are people who live By poker

Every poker player dreams of Becoming the best one day And gaining public recognition

This is a very difficult Task, and will never be Able to realize their dream.

However, all players can look Up to the Champions, learn From them, and try to Get at least a little Closer to their skill level. Who are they, the world Poker Champions? They are hard workers who Have devoted so many years Of their lives to poker. They are masters of their Craft, who are accompanied by Good luck. If you are just a Novice poker player, then you Should know the names of At least some of them. And this article will help You learn about the world Champions of poker. In fact, the official title Of "world champion of poker" Does not exist.

It has been held annually Since in Las Vegas

However, this unofficial title is Awarded to players who managed To win the main event Of the world series of Poker – the main Event Of the WSOP. And below you will see It is the list of Champions that is the oldest, Largest, most prestigious and most Media-covered gaming competition in The world.

Since, the main event of The WSOP has been held With a buy-in of $, In no-limit Texas hold'em.

The winner of the WSOP Main Event receives a gold Bracelet, millions of dollars the Exact amount depends on the Number of participants in the Tournament, as well as the Right to be considered this Year's world champion of poker. Since, the nine players who Reach the final table of The Main Event are referred To as the "November Nine", Which is a reference to The fact that play at The final table takes place In November, a few months After the completion of the Main Event preliminary rounds. Until, the WSOP was held At Binion's Horseshoe. In, the championship moved to The Rio All Suite Hotel And Casino.

The Main Event was not Held entirely in Rio, as The last tables players were Played in Horseshoe, and all Other events were held in Rio.

The games were played entirely In Rio. Because of this, Joe Hashim Is considered the last player To win a Main Event At the "historic home" of The World Series of Poker.

He held this record for Only one year, because in, The youngest Main Event champion Was Joe Cada, who was Years old.

– the number of gold Bracelets won at the WSOP Gold bracelets for are not Taken into account, since at The time of writing, the Official results of this year Are not summed up. The World Series of Poker Europe WSOPE is the first Attempt to expand the World Series of poker with poker Tournaments outside the United States, As the WSOP events have Been held in Las Vegas Every year since. The first WSOPE, held in, Was the first time that WSOP bracelets were awarded to Players outside of Las Vegas. The Main Event was a GBP, no-limit hold'em Buy-in event won by Norwegian player Annette Obrestad one Day before her th birthday. Thanks to this, she became The youngest a player who Has won a WSOP bracelet, And this record cannot be Broken at the WSOP in Las Vegas, as under current Legislation, the minimum age for Casino games in Nevada is Years old. Obrestad was able to play WSOPE because the minimum age For casino games in the UK is.

The world series of poker Europe has a unique identifier From the WSOP Las Vegas, But according to Harrah's Is held in accordance with Established traditions.

In WSOP Europe, the main Event was an -handed event. The world Series of Poker Asia Pacific WSOP APAC is The latest expansion of branded World series of Poker tournaments Outside the United States. On April, the owner announced That the first APAC WSOP Will be held in April And gold bracelets will be awarded.

To date, these are all Players who have managed to Win the title of World Champion in poker, as well As the titles of European Champion and the title of Asia-Pacific Champion.

the latter doesn't sound Very good, you agree. But what can be said For sure is that this List will probably still be Replenished with new players, and Who knows whose name will Be listed next.

Krasnaya Polyana gambling zone, located In Sochi, announced that in It will host not only WPT Russia.

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