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For users of the social Network "Classmates" the opportunity to Play poker in the game World Poker Club was added Less than a year ago, But this has not prevented The members of the network For a short time to Catch up

Moreover, there are a lot Of different types of poker On the site.

To start, the player is Given chips, the maximum win Is a billion. The game panel displays the Balance – level, number of Chips and respect points. You can top up the Number of chips in ways: Buy, ask, or earn. Respect shows the social level Of the player, the more It is-the higher the Chances of becoming a croupier. For reaching each new level, You get rewards, respect points And chips. Pleases the big the number Of game tables divided into "Rooms" of tables each: USSR, America, East, Eastern Europe, Western Europe. They are divided into beginners, Amateurs, League, major League, closed Clubs, and private ones. The special feature is that Even if you are in The game for the first Time, any tournament will still Be available to you. Game chips are exchanged at The following rate: game chips Tournament chips, game chips, tournament chips. More chips must be purchased For coins. In order to buy coins, The account must have the Electronic currency of Odnoklassniki-Oki, Which can be purchased by SMS from a mobile phone, Or through payment terminals. The exchange rate is as Follows: OK coins as a gift. But only when exchanging more Than Shackles, gift coins are awarded.

Before entering the game, you Are asked to choose a Game city.

Who you want to play With is up to You

After you select the house Tab, you will be taken To a table where you Will first see poker combinations, The rules of the game, And they offer to take A training course. If you log in to The game every day, you Will receive a bonus with Game chips: day, day, day, Day, day –. If a player skips a Day, the bonus count is canceled. The city also has other Houses: poker games, poker tournaments, banking. Crazy Poker and the store Are still under development. There is no possibility to Choose the desired table independently When choosing a poker game. on the Odnoklassniki website, this Is a gambling game that Has a huge advantage – You don't need to Spend money.

The initial contribution is given To You, and then develop yourself.

The basis of the game Is standard poker, which almost Everyone can play. To date, the game "World Poker Club" takes the th Place in the top of Odnoklassniki.roo. I haven't found any Bugs or codes yet, so If you know any secrets, Please write them down in The comments and enjoy playing poker. By the way, having trained In the game of poker In Odnoklassniki, you can earn Money in poker rooms, which Are full on the Internet, The main thing is to Read reviews about them, so As not to run into scammers. Please tell me! "World Poker Club" is Just a game? if I lose in it It will not entail a Debt in real money????? It's fun to play, But not for real money! Please explain! found the program, winds up RESPECT.!, I share, it's Not a pity really, how To cheat? I downloaded, installed, enter my Username and password, and the Program says that they were Entered incorrectly! what's all this bullshit? really, how to cheat? I downloaded, installed, enter my Username and password, and the Program says that they were Entered incorrectly! what's all this bullshit? Today, while I was not On the site, I was Charged a fine of, without Any warnings. what is the fine for??? And how do I get My chips back??? And what happens is that You play, play chips, and Then the site administration just Writes them off as a Fine and that's it, RIGHT??? I ask you not to Leave my question unanswered, but Also to sort it out And return it unfairly my Chips were written off. There is no TIME to DRIVE on THESE LINKS FLOGGED FROM YOUR ACCOUNTS and LOGINS THESE are programs for HACKING Your ACCOUNT THEY SAVE YOUR REAL LOGINS AND FLOGGED AND THEN sleep HELPS a Lot In training this thing - goo.Gl voaiI the main thing That does not harm your Health and is accessible to Everyone! My results have improved very Noticeably although I don't Like to brag about it.

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