World Poker Club online-How to Play for Free

You can do this if Your phone is running Android Or iOS

World Poker Club is one Of the most popular poker Clients in the former Soviet Union, with which you can Play poker both from a Mobile device running Android and IOS OS and from a Desktop computerThe developers of this app Are the Crazy Panda Mobile Group, which consists of programmers From Russia and Ukraine. According to the official website Of the developers, at the Moment more than million people Have downloaded and installed World Poker Club on their phones Or computers. Unfortunately, we can't check Whether this is true or Not, but we can say One thing with confidence-the Number of players in World Poker Club is really huge. According to statistics, this game Occupies more than of the Russian mobile poker market. To play from a desktop Computer at World Poker Club, Go to the website and Click Play. After that, you will be Prompted to log in under Your own account, using either A Google account, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, My world, or Vkontakte. After you enter the game, You will be offered a Training course that will teach You about the basic rules Of poker and how to Manage this game. Of course, experienced players can Skip this point, but we Strongly recommend that beginners take Training to know what is Going on at the table In General. If you plan to play World of Poker from your Phone, you should first download It for yourself. Unfortunately, Windows Phone phones don'T support installing World Poker Yet However, although the developers Are working on implementing their Game on this platform as well. To install this game on Your iPhone, go to the AppStore and enter World Poker Club in the search. You can install the game On Android via the Play Market app store. In this case, we note That W. And thanks to a unique System of gestures, you can Control your chips, just like At a real poker table, With just one swipe of Your hand!.

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