All world Champions of poker: full version

in poker, as in other sports games, there are Championships in which the best player is determinedWinners don't just win millions of dollars in prize money and become world-renowned representatives of the discipline: world poker Champions become idols that other players look up to. Unfortunately, no official world Championships are currently being held. But their role is played by tournament series, the winners of which become unofficial holders of the championship title. The WSOP has been held annually since in Las Vegas, the capital of the gambling world. This series consists of more than tournaments in all major types of poker and is held for several months. The best poker players take part in these tournaments, and the winner of each tournament wins in addition to the prize you can see, the list of WSOPMainEvent winners is dominated by Americans. This is due to the fact that for many years poker it was most widely played in the United States and at one time was a national game. But after, the geographical popularity of poker expanded significantly due to the emergence of online poker. In addition to the wsopmainevent winners, the winner of the WSOP Player of the year title is also recognized worldwide. This title has been awarded since to those players who managed to score the highest amount of points at the end of the World Series of the year. Points are awarded for getting into the prizes of tournaments in the series. Thus, the more often a player won prizes, the higher his prize-winning position, the more points, the greater the chance to become the player of the year. Johnny moss (by vote), Doyle Brunson, STU Ungar, johnny Chen - years each. it is one of the most well-known analytical resources about poker. Our authors are active players with many years of experience who explain in an accessible way how to successfully play for real money in plus.

All about poker: history, varieties, tricks

Poker fans still argue about the history of poker

The most popular game in the world appeared more than years ago as a collection of many card games and entertainmentPoker was first mentioned in written materials in in Italy and Spain. At the same time, a similar game 'la prime'was gaining popularity in France. The rules of the game vaguely resembled modern poker: players were dealt cards each, looking at them, players placed bets hoping for combinations of two or three cards of the same suit or value.

Then this game was called 'primero'

The poker table can accommodate from to people.

The pot (win) is formed during the game by the players own bets. By agreement, you can play with Blind (blinds - the standard bet at the beginning of the game before the first cards are dealt, so that the game starts with a full pot), or you can form a pot during the game.


Now the technology has been adapted for military use

in, the Libratus poker bot made headlines when it beat four professionals in a,-hand no-limit hold'em gameDevelopers of weak AI systems often they compare the effectiveness of their programs in a game confrontation against a human. In games with complete information, all players have complete information about the state of the game at any time of the game, that is, about the position and all possible moves of any of the players.

No-limit hold'em is just one of those games

Unlike such deterministic situations, in games with incomplete information, some of the information about the game state is hidden from the player for example, the opponent's card.

In addition to the opponent's face-down cards, an element of uncertainty is added here due to the arbitrary size of each bet. With this in mind, the number of possible outcomes is estimated at. Developing an optimal strategy in the face of uncertainty, taking into account the tactics of the opponent is exactly what the military needs.Read in full Good day to all! A few days ago, an article was published on GeekTimes: "Take it and win: AI won a poker tournament against four pros" and I want to challenge the significance of this victory a little. First of all, I want to say that I I followed the events closely. I even managed to get answers to my questions from Carnegie Mellon University and professional gambler Jason Les. In General, I take the topic of winning AI in poker very seriously. This is not chess or backgammon, where the computer is able to calculate visible moves and probabilities much faster. Most people learn from their own mistakes. Rarely when on other people's sites. Society makes the same mistakes over and over again. Artificial intelligence develops differently. If the autopilot makes a mistake, other self-driving cars will become smarter. All newly produced cars will be created with the full set of skills of their ancestors. Thus, collective learning of AI can occur faster than that of humans-Eric Schmidt, Sebastian thrun. Artificial intelligence (its weakest form), developed by representatives Of the Carnegie Mellon University school of computer science, beat four professional poker players. We are talking about a Texas hold'em tournament that took place at the Rivers casino in Pittsburgh. This is one of the most popular types of poker. About, hands were played during the tournament. AI took a pot of $. The program was written by Thomas Sandholm and Noam brown. According to the developers, poker is a game where participants do not know what cards everyone else has. For this reason, it is extremely difficult to calculate something. Jimmy Choo, one of the participants in the tournament, complained that he and his colleagues underestimated the capabilities of Libratus: "the Bot was getting better every day. It's like he's a more skilled version of us."Read more.

Best poker calculators for Android AndroidTalk

There are just a huge number of apps on the Android market

Many of them are produced by lone developers who are not able to provide decent qualityIn fact, this is the same situation with more niche topics, such as poker calculators. Such applications allow you to calculate probabilities, find out the strength of cards even before the flop (when there are no community cards), compare starting cards - in short, they are they can do everything you need to understand poker. Poker calculators are useful not only for playing poker online, but also at home or even in a real casino.

So, which calculators are worth paying attention to? There are quite a lot of them, but we have selected some of the most relevant and interesting ones.

To begin with, we will divide them into two large groups: calculators for Amateurs and calculators for professionals. Nothing complicated, these are apps for those who are just starting to explore the vast world of poker. Or for those who for some reason do not want to move to a higher level. These types of apps are simple, versatile, and most often free.

Here are a couple of examples.

CJ Poker Odds Calculator is Easy to use, quite convenient and neat. It can only compare individual maps that are selected in advance.

You shouldn't expect anything too complicated from this app

It is suitable for all novice players without exception. It has three modes: fast, standard, and slow. They are different accuracy of the result. If the calculation method is slow, a special algorithm is used that does not skip any of the possible scenarios, so the result is more accurate. But in most cases, the standard or even fast mode is suitable, since the differences in numbers are not so significant. A completely free application, however, very limited in its capabilities. But those who are just getting to know poker don't need more than that. Download CJ Poker Odds Calculator. Poker Equity Calculator is Another fairly simple calculator, but much more functional than the previous one.

It's probably the best thing you can find without paying a dime.

The app will help you win freerolls or play for virtual chips. Maybe someone will want to analyze some hands after the session is played.

The difference from the previous app is that it has a more user-friendly interface, as well as the ability to compare and select map ranges, rather than just starting maps.

This is the optimal solution for of players or even more than that. Such a calculator will help out in many situations, and most users will simply not notice the absence of some of the functions that are present in more advanced calculators. Download Poker Equity Calculator And here it is already more interesting. There are very few such applications (if there are at least a few of them at all). Such calculators are usually paid and have all the modern features that are needed, first of all, for those who play for real money. For example, take the PokerCruncher Advanced Odds app. If you need to calculate something, it will do it. This app is developed by professionals for professionals. It is very convenient to choose " hands "(starting cards) and whole ranges (for example, all mismatched connectors or of all hands). This is a real treasure. The app was recently released on the Android market, so it didn't get an impressive amount of downloads. The only negative is rubles, which you will have to pay for it. Download PokerCruncher.

Poker Calculator free download for Windows

Poker Calculator is a free calculator that provides a quick and detailed probability of winning a hand using your opponents cards and deckWhile the private views tell about the odds against average players with unknown pockets, the public odds show you the probabilities that you will see on television broadcasts of the tournament. Poker Calculator has an easy-to-use yet powerful interface for dragging and swiping cards and managing up to ten players. You can download Poker Calculator for Windows for free on our website. Anderbot is home to thousands of popular games, apps, and the latest updates. Download Poker Calculator for free for Windows the latest version in Russian for your computer, phone or tablet and enjoy using it.

GGPokerok casino reviews from real players about payouts and the game

A young poker room that is a rebirth of the old Lotus

If all the conditions are met by the player-the minimum a Deposit of $ and spins with a face value of $ each, free spins are awarded without a wager for winningAs a poker room is very good, everything is there for players, but it seems to be a rebirth of one of the big old Azat rooms, I don't really rummage around. As a casino, above average, there would be more buns, but there are enough as it is, a cashback of percent is just pleasing. The apps are user-friendly. There doesn't seem to be anything cool, but there's nothing to complain about, so far only positive impressions. A great site for poker lovers. For me, the presence of a working client for PC and smart is undoubtedly a plus, I often play on the road. Otherwise, their site is somehow poor and slow, maybe updated. Finally, a casino where you don't have to send your docks and wait for verification for weeks. The set of slots is great, and it's perfect for fans of PlaynGo.

State give, license is there, the money is removed what else is needed.

the people are polite and not rude

Still, they would put live croupiers and would not get out of this casino at all, but there is a poker room here, so it is unlikely that there will be a live casino.

Asian poker room with all the resulting and slightly laggy software.

playing on four tables, even on good hardware, is already becoming uncomfortable.

there is a casino, as a good option to clear your head and spin the reels.

there is no live and this is a minus, but money is also withdrawn quickly and this is a plus a Good place for those who like slot machines, but only if you know exactly what you need.

There is no sorting on the site if you know the name, then you will find it quickly, and so only scroll through the General list.

The most popular ones were taken to the main page, which is enough for beginners, but this is not enough for those who are knowledgeable about the business.

As in many other casinos, where slot machines are not the mainstay, there are special features.

First of all, don't expect a large variety of games, there are no live dealers either. Secondly, there is no welcome bonus for those who like to spin slots. Third, there are no slots in the app for computers and smartphones, only poker. But there are also advantages. Bonuses are given without wagering, I have never seen anything like this in any casino.

Average casino, slots are not very much, there is no sorting, you can not play with live dealers.

But there is a cool bonus every Thursday you add bucks to your account and get free spins without wagering. There are no problems with payments either, the money doesn't go away. If you consider it as an addition to the pokerroom, then it's quite nothing. If you want to start playing poker, this is one of the best options, as there are a lot of weak players. Money is withdrawn without verification, but if you have a weak computer, then be prepared for small lags.At the end of, a casino appeared, a trend that is now so fashionable in poker rooms. Compared to others, everything is very decent here a large selection of slots give regular bonuses and cashback.

free spins and cashback can be obtained every week, only slot machines for scrolling free spins or games for getting cashback are changed.

I've been playing in this poker room since the opening, but somehow I decided to play slots and managed to raise a lot of money.

I periodically go to the casino on Thursdays to get a bonus and take a break from poker.

In the beginning, there were problems with the withdrawal (canceled automatically), the problem turned out to be of a technical nature, everything was fixed in a day and withdrawn in a few hours.

Australia, Aland Islands, Albania, Algeria, us virgin Islands, American Samoa, Angola, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Belize, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, British virgin Islands, Kuwait, Curacao, Liberia, Mauritania, Marshall Islands, Netherlands Antilles, Oman, Norfolk Island, Palestine, Rwanda, Seychelles, Saint Martin, Somalia, Sudan, United States of America, Tunisia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands I always Study reviews and read player reviews before signing up for new casinos.

Oddly enough, I didn't find any reviews for this project even on foreign resources. It is clear that this is a young site, but it Is a very non-standard casino and at first I didn't like it at all - everything is somehow unusual.

Then I finally figured it out a bit and started playing blackjack.

I used this casino for a Long time, it's fine to play small things, especially losing) but as soon as I really won and tried to withdraw, they immediately came up with an excuse and canceled my account and winnings They don't withdraw money. The scheme they have is this-I make a request for withdrawal. The support response is 'the Finance Department requested additional verification. Upload your documents and then create a request for In this new casino, I personally didn't find anything that could keep you hooked for a long time. An impressive collection of video slots and many providers? This is no longer uncommon. Several We are pleased with this casino for its attitude towards players, they allow you to withdraw money without any questions. Good reels, bright and clear graphics, you can see that they were purchased and installed from the manufacturer. I love the drums Vulkane this is a -I the office in which I play. So far, I like everything. Bets are calculated correctly, payouts are made according to the conditions I'm dreading the end of the game football season. I'm already used to going to Vulcanbet almost every day and making a bet, and sometimes a whole series of bets. I like that you can add funds to your account here In Vulkanit bet on eSports as well versed in it. It is convenient that there is a mobile app, so you can play anywhere Cooperate with Vulkanit for one simple reason, BC honestly pay or delay payments. In, the company has grown quite well, even launching a mobile app, but so far only for iOS, It feels like I'm in a movie about Las Vegas, everything is so chic and good.

Luxurious halls, huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, a never-ending sense of celebration.

I was in the casino when they quite normal were with friends sat down had a rest someone got up someone just leaked in the end everything was left with their own people. play is what you want in Attiki sit anyway you want In terms of entertainment complex and hotel - this is a great place. We have booked a room here more than once, everything is fine. The rooms are spacious, the service justifies stars. I played in the casino, I won't hide it. Full or partial copying of materials is possible only with the written permission of the editorial Board. If you have any questions about cooperation, please contact us via Specify your email address where you will receive a list of no Deposit bonuses and once a week key news from the world of gambling.

The world's best post about the red line. Part. how to raise the red line, increase your winnings without showdown

The red line myth is a mystery for many people

Let's start by defining the red line, what it is, and why everyone is talking about itThe red line (in Holdem Manager) is nothing more than a chart of Non-Showdown Wins, that is, the money you won without a showdown. It is enabled in the Graphs menu as shown in the figure below. Before I go into all the trouble, I'll say a few more words about the red line and the General hysteria around it.

It all started about two years ago, when suddenly on The twoplustwo forum people started asking the question 'what is it and what is it eaten with'.

Then a serious debate broke out on the topic of red lines and how they generally reflect the player's level. And as is usually the case in the poker community, all the answers were divided into three groups: the General consensus was that the red line directly reflects the skill of the player, because to win without a showdown you need to be able to bluff where you need to and make big folds (and this cannot be done effectively without using mining, - approx. Once they hear that a positive red line schedule will make them gods of the game, many young Padawans begin to do absolutely ugly things with the zeal worthy of the best representatives of the lemming family, coming up with no less ugly reasons and excuses, referring to the opinions of others like them on the forums. I'll probably start from a long way off, and after I tell you everything and show you about the red line, I'll give you some tips on how to improve it and what kind of poker you need to play in order for it to go up. And you will decide for yourself whether you are ready for it or not. The red line (Non-Showdown Wins or Won Without Showdown) is the sum of all the money that you lost by investing in the pot, but not reaching the showdown. Example: you made a -bet with o preflop and received a -bet from your opponent. You they discarded their cards, thus not reaching the showdown and losing the size of their bet. Or you make a counter bet on the flop, check the turn, and fall on the river bet - we also put it in the liability of our red line.

Did you bet the flop and turn, but get a raise on the turn and fold your cards? Minus for the red line.

Did you check raise on the flop and win the pot? And here, please write it down on your account - you won the money without opening, the red line goes up. Thus, the less you lose in situations where your opponent rarely discards his cards (for example, counter bet on the flop against fish), and the more often you use situations where your opponent is more likely to give you the pot (check raise on dry boards like K), the higher your red line. The essence of this indicator is that it is contrasted with the Showdown Wins line, that is, statistics showing how much you have already won at the showdown.

Both of these charts add up to your win or loss.

So, we have turned on the red line, and we can see that something is wrong with it. Not only do we lose for, hands, but the red line is down - does that mean we have to go to the dump? The first thing you should be aware of is that this red line also includes situations when you were in the blinds. Is it important? Let's take a look. We had -$, in Non-ShowDown Wins. We will exclude from the statistics all cases when we were on the small and big blinds Oh, really? It turns out that our test subject plays a very, very good plus when he is not in the blinds and does not lose these mandatory bets in most cases! The red line just soars up. Now it seems to me that many supporters of the red line are starting to lose their heads and they are already reaching out to their Holdem Manager to prove to everyone that I drew this graph in photoshop. But let's not get hysterical and slap ourselves on the shoulder, saying that " everything, the riddle is solved, it's time to retire." In fact, no-otherwise I would limit myself to just these two graphs. Let's dig deeper. We have already decided that if we are not in the blinds, then our red line becomes directly representative. What happens on the blinds themselves? Obviously, if we are sitting in the big blind with o and someone else opens CO, then we fold our blind. Thus, Holdem Manger believes that we lose money without a showdown. Let's keep this in mind for now and move on to another question. How do we play when we are in the blinds, but still decide to enter the game (via raise, call, or bet)? Let's apply the 'VPIP True' filter only to SB and BB positions, so now we'll only look at situations when we invested money in the blinds ourselves, and not just lost our money with garbage: Do you still consider yourself an outcast with your negative red line? I hasten to disappoint you - perhaps this is true, but we will already talk about this in the second part of the article. In the meantime, let's take a look at the information we already have is available: What does it mean? That in the vast majority of cases, our red line goes down due to natural causes - the blinds that we place every round, and at the same time throw out our cards. If you still don't understand where the money is coming from on the red line, let me demonstrate that in Other words, following the age-old rule of tight and standard poker, you absolutely correctly play few hands without a position. Why poker is not worth playing without a position has already been described and covered in countless articles and notes, so we will not dwell on it here. But the fact remains that if you fold a lot of hands in the blinds, your red line will inevitably go down. This is an absolutely natural consequence of your strategy. And all you can do in most cases is limit your losses on the blinds.

Indeed, all your attempts to bring the red line up - this is the desire to level the cost of the game.

How much is it we'll talk about variance or not later. But right now, I really ask you: don't take this as a guide to action, don't be lemmings. The number of hands played does not mean quality, it is a banal consequence of a simple and easy-to-learn tight strategy game! In just a few lines, you'll see why you can continue to fold in the blinds and still see your red line grow before your eyes. Well, in the second part of this article, I will develop this topic. Since this is the case, I'll give you a moral about the importance of the blinds. A very good statistical indicator is this thread on the TwoPlusTwo forum. After playing a little bit with the statistics, I came up with this result: the Weighted win rate for such statistics is approximately. ptbb - that is, the average win rate of today's regular, which does not exceed its limit very much.

At the same time, there is no mystery here

If you take a closer look, you can see that our loss on the blinds is about bb, or.

In other words, to recapture this disadvantage, we spend all our winrate in UTG, MP and part of the winrate in CO, and make money (in fact) only when we are in the dealer's position.

Why exactly this way, and not from the other end? Simply because being in the position you have the most opportunities to make this winrate, for quite obvious reasons. This is a word about the importance of the dealer's position in poker But we digress a little. What was the point of this analysis? Yes, to the fact that even minor changes in your game on the blinds can lead to a huge result in terms of your profit.

What does this have to do with the red line? The most direct one.

Remember what I told you to keep in mind when we fold in the big blind and the Holdem Manager counts it as a loss in the red line? What if our mathematical expectation of playing this hand is higher than what we lose? Then our red line will not be affected (or it will suffer, but not so much). Several of the axioms: What does this mean? If if you translate it into regular Russian, you will get the following: open your statistics in Holdem Manger and see with what hands and in what situations you lose on the blinds. Eliminate these hands from your range and you will see your red line rise and winrate rise along with it. That is: if it is not profitable for us to play s in the big blind position, then from now on we will only fold with them and be happy that we have lost only one blind and our red line will sink less (and maybe the blue line, if we go to showdown with this hand so often). Let's take an example of this. Here are the statistics of the SAME nl-NL player in the blinds: it is Obvious that he loses slightly more than the average for -max games, so it is worth looking at what brings him the biggest loss. Let's start with a situation where our hero is a preflop caller. To do this, we need to determine with which types of hands he calls pre-flop and loses. To start, select the following filter: display only the SB and BB positions, and only when the hero made a preflop call: in Total, our hero made a call in the blinds times and won about $. Sparsely populated. You can correct this, and to do this, let's see with which hands he lost the most. Oddly enough, the picture is as follows: Two big losses with AJ and AQ come from rather stupid bluffs, but there is no excuse for the rest: what range hero doing As, As, KTo, QJo, To, s, ATo, Ao, o, o, etc, if he obviously plays them regularly and is clearly not able to play them (it would be allowed to play them in the big blind against a raise from the small blind, but they still need to be able to play!). Just remove these hands from the statistics and get this: Who says money doesn't grow on trees? And the win without shoudan, our favorite red line, increased more than times from $ to $ (not shown in the picture - too late turned on). That is, everything that I said above is fully confirmed in practice - Yes, we have started to discount some hands and losing our blinds, but we used to lose even more with them. And thus, without leaving the box office, we increased our Non-Showdown Wins in just one specific situation by times compared to the previous indicator.

You can do the same thing with your bet score - look at the appropriate filter, draw conclusions, open the calculator, calculate what range you need to have (if it is balanced) and exclude unnecessary hands.

By the way, our test subject with bets was doing well and it was difficult to wish for anything more there, so I decided not to post these statistics. In the same way, you can analyze the limit pots that you play from the blinds and the effectiveness of your barrels on the flop, turn, or river - in short, the scope for improvement is endless and we will talk about it again in one of our training videos (both about limit pots and statistics in Holdem Manager). I think we should finish this for today. Well, the most interesting thing is how to raise it I'll leave your postflop red line for the second part. The first Russian winner of the European poker tour (EPT) tournament, winner of the world series of poker (WSOP-) bracelet.

He has been a professional online poker player for seven years and during this time he has not had a single negative month.

PokerStars has announced a super action to celebrate the anniversary of the introduction of three-player Spin Go tournaments. Now poker fans can enjoy tournaments that cost just half a dollar and you can win a million dollars! Developed by canadian game theory specialists from the University of Alberta, the algorithm cannot yet absolutely guarantee to beat a person in each game, since the layout of cards is random, but in a long match, the computer will always take up.

Free PocketOption robot

The pocket Option robot can automatically make trades

This is a robot for automatic trading on the Pocket Option platform based on technical analysisSelect the signal level, the analyzed pairs, and the minimum yield level, and the robot will analyze the selected pairs and automatically conclude new trades. Robot for Pocket Option is an extension for the Google Chrome browser. You can install it for free and try it out on a demo account.

You can also find more information on our blog

To trade a robot on a live account, you need to register using the affiliate link and confirm your email address. Here you can learn more about the robot settings for PocketOtion. Subscribe to our social media pages to get the latest robot news for PocketOption.

Bots in the Poker Assistant. An investigation is underway

All bots have a contbet of more than in two opponents

and all because a meticulous forumchanin awakening, tired of the long downstreak in this room, found mining in a few months, a Converter and in a couple of days uploaded it all to XM(we remind you that any third-party software is prohibited in this room, and as it turned out, for a reason). How as soon as awakening analyzed the database, it immediately identified a group of players playing according to similar statistics. For example, he writes about such evidence: Statistics and continuation bet in multipole: the most distinctive feature of bots.

For comparison, regs have this indicator of about - on average.Further.

Unusual sizing of isolates bets Etc

The features described above are fully applicable to Chico network bots, it is absolutely the same algorithm, possibly with small corrections!A total of bots were found.And this is only for the last - months, who has the most hands After this post immediately found people who agree with his opinion. It's just that they couldn't confirm their suspicions so clearly without software. And when such Pro-mastodons as hiNt and Gump spoke out, the image of the Poker Assistant in the eyes of poker readers fell below the baseboard. Moreover, no responses from official representatives have yet been received. Bots in the room are obvious. Non-involvement the best Assistant To this-IMHO, too.Most likely, the bots were actually sent by the same people who sent them to other networks. Especially if they are identical in stats.I am sure that bots will destroy people at a distance. Especially such experienced bots as in the description. Personally, I periodically played on the PD in November. But this topic was the final straw for my decision to withdraw money from there. What I successfully did in the past daprela Ripsimia to remove all the PPC Poker Assistant until, until a clear answer from the representative of Ruma on the investigation results, action taken and compensation to players.

The algorithm of sledge Guntver's game is as solid as a granite rock: at first, He thoughtfully and disciplined rides on a sober head, earns hundreds of dollars, and attracts backers And then he stocks up on whiskey, invites his bosom friend Kostya, dreamily lights a cigar, gets into a rage and drains the bankroll.

Send funny pictures, jokes and memes to the poker room choose your favorite theme and win real cash prizes. Quick withdrawals of prize money to your wallet.

ICMIZER: poker calculator Update

In the new version, there is another one, ICMIZE

the new version of ICMIZER updates not only the interface, but also the post-raise calculation engineThere are also new options, including fixing suboptimal ranges that allow you to make the most effective use of your opponents weaknesses. In addition, the program is supplemented with the function of automatic analysis of hands. In the previous version of ICMIZER, buttons were used to calculate ranges. Now tasks on the screen with questions do not appear in blocks, but each one separately. And so that you can work out your own vulnerabilities, you can now configure your training parameters. Updating the engine that calculates events after a raise was one of the main reasons for the delay in the new version of the program. In the latest version, the calculation is slightly slower than in the previous version, but much more accurate. The loss of time is small, and when it comes to the accuracy of calculations, a couple of seconds can be ignored.

In addition, the SNG Coach module has been changed

The updated ICMIZER allows you to download entire tournaments and analyze push-fold errors. In addition, you can now calculate ranges that allow you to build the most profitable strategy.

All this can be done in the following ways: for multi-table tournaments.

It should be noted that in the second version, this function could work with no more than a hundred tournament participants.

Features now increased to.

Therefore, you can now calculate the ICM strategy in most online events.

The app's menu now allows you to get acquainted with the main events of the most popular poker rooms.

Training courses have always been popular among poker enthusiasts.

Courses on DVD, poker Waters on YouTube, personal training sessions with trainers, and recently, during his twitch stream, GGpokerOK team representative Kevin Martin dropped a nut street into the fold, which promised the Coronavirus is taking on an increasingly wide distribution area every day.

No one can help but worry about this, and poker in India is about the same as in the United States: It is allowed only in some regions. Previously, Daniel Negreanu has been at the top of the poker community for a couple of decades, never missing out on anything significant. According to Daniel, Olivier Busquet came up with a somewhat unusual idea - to organize a poker players Union.

In General, the idea was supported even by iconic figures Kevin HART-an American actor widely known for the films "Very scary movie" (parts and)," Think like a man " and the Popular poker player Sean DIB won the world Championship of Online Poker series event with an entry fee of $.

Poker Push Bot-a poker training program for tournament players

Push Bot is an educational poker program for tournament players

The program has been carefully designed to enhance your Holdem skills and help you win more money at the tables.

Push Bot will teach You how to make the right decisions at the final stage of the tournament: all in or fold. The program uses mathematically proven theories, and also has many functions and tools, including a hand strength estimator, inflection points strategy training, advanced statistics, and much more.Despite the name, the program is not a bot, and will not perform moves automatically for You.

Moreover, learning doesn't happen while playing in a tournament, but when you view your hand history.Overall, Push Bot is a very useful, convenient and inexpensive tool for every tournament poker player.

Help and support is always available on the official website and email, as well as on our forum a lot of weak players from Econverter and mining for our players besplatnogo cache agricultue reload bonuses players from Srtri kind jackpotcapital and mining besplatnoy on your first Deposit of $.

Top poker books

This book will help you understand the intricacies of poker

I would like to welcome all those who want to succeed in such a wonderful game of pokerThis article contains the best poker books that have already helped many people succeed and earn money in this game. This build is suitable for both beginners and experienced poker players.We recommend it! Save to your bookmarks, study materials and become an even stronger poker player! Harrington on hold'em is one of the most authoritative no-Limit Texas Hold'em tournament tutorials in the world.

The author of this book criticizes the template game

This is a must-have three-volume book for those who want to achieve high scores in a game called poker. The books have been translated into many languages and reprinted several times. Do you think that calculating in poker is very difficult and incomprehensible? Then you're wrong! If you have studied up to class, you will easily be able to calculate your odds in poker.Poker doesn't make sense without math play. This book explains everything very simply and in a language you can understand. This book explains in detail all the nuances and subtleties of winning at Limit Holdem by playing at micro limits.

What sets this book apart from most others is that it will teach you the aggressive-attacking style that almost all professionals already play.

The book will not only teach you how to play aggressively, but also teach you how to make professional decisions based on many examples. This book is a guide to the behavior and thoughts of players who can improve your game. The author did not limit himself to borderline tips on poker strategies.

Phil will tell you about the motivations of his game, which will make you think about the reasons for the actions of your opponents.

In this great book, Dolly tells you about the techniques and strategies of the game, tells you about the original and effective techniques in the game.

This book also provides the most complete and accurate poker statistics available.

Andrew Seidman's book "Easy game" is a two-volume book that focuses on the problems that arise when playing no-limit hold'em online on short tables. The first volume of the book will teach ABS a strategy that will teach you how to beat the low and medium limits of the game. The second volume of the book will tell you about very complex, but not a little interesting poker techniques. In addition, this book will not only teach you about the strategies of the game, it will teach you how to think and understand your opponents. His subjective opinion is that every decision should be considered and meaningful. The book will be useful for both beginners and experienced players. This book focuses on information that has never been written about in a poker book before. But this is something you've often talked about with your poker friends. The book focuses on the range of hands, which is one of the main aspects of poker. David has written a very honest and direct book that focuses on poker theory.

There won't be any tips here and poker strategies, as is the case in most books.

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Poker calculators for Omaha, varieties of Omaha calculators

Other options for Omaha calculators

Each type of poker has its own characteristics, which are not always easy to take into account when switching from Texas hold'em to Omaha or other poker gamesFirst of all, the frequency of the probability of winning combinations falling out changes, the chances of making a profit are calculated differently, so the player has to spend a lot of time on adaptation and study of probabilities and odds. Statistical software and odds calculators will come to the rescue in such situations.

Not all poker rooms approve the use of additional software, but those online rooms where a large number of professional and experienced poker players play allow you to connect statistical programs and calculators.

Poker calculators, including those designed specifically for Omaha fans, are a program that allows the user to more accurately calculate their chances in a particular hand, as a result of which they avoid losing. Omaha calculators are designed to be used at any stage of the distribution. After entering all available information about known cards, the player receives a result within a few seconds, based on which he can plan his further actions: stay in the game or discard cards. using this program significantly increases the player's chances of winning and allows you to make more reasonable decisions. operate your own bankroll, as it allows you to determine the poker player's chances on the Internet in a timely and more accurate manner. you can download and install the calculator for free, or use it without downloading it online. Omaha calculators are equally useful for both experienced poker players and novice players. They allow professionals to save time, and beginners to learn how to identify winning combinations and correctly assess their chances in the hand. Omaha calculators can be used as software installed on your PC or open the selected tool online. Users can choose programs that vary in functionality and complexity-from the simplest to full-fledged statistical software. Simple Omaha calculators. One example of a simple calculator is a tool that can be found on the CardPlayer resource. Despite the fact that it has only an English-language version, it will not be difficult to understand its functionality for a user who has there are some skills in online poker. Using it, the player receives up-to-date information that is updated during the game.

In addition to calculating odds, this tool provides links to the odds and outs table, statistics, and hand analysis examples.

Full-fledged programs. Many players who choose Omaha use the Omaha Indicator program, which is specialized software for both the regular Omaha format and hi-lo. This software supports a large number of online rooms, so you won't have any problems using it. Among the tools of the program there is a calculator and all the necessary functions, which will be easy to use and useful even for a beginner.

Alternative options for Omaha calculators include OmahaChecker provided by pokersmartstudio or omahacalculator.

Each calculator has its own functional features, but the result of using it is not it has fundamental differences.

All of them provide information about the player's chances, probabilities, and outs in the hand of interest.

Disputes about whether to use statistical programs and calculators do not stop from the very moment they are introduced. Supporters and opponents put forward their own strong arguments, but it is impossible not to agree that the presence of such tools in the player's Arsenal will help him study and analyze information much faster than it will be possible without third-party help.

The combinations in poker - poker rules card combinations

The strongest and rarest combination

Hand in poker Royal fleshner of cards of the same suit from ten to ACE

Having collected a straight flush, you can be considered very lucky.

A combination of straight careenabor cards of the same suit in the form of a straight (descending sequence of cards). A straight flush poker combination is any four cards of the same rank. If there is a situation that you have two players have the same value of the square, the winner is the one who has the highest card. A full house combination in poker is a combination of three cards of the same rank and a pair of two other cards. If two players have a full house, then the player with the larger combination of three cards is considered the winner, and if they are the same, a pair of two cards is compared. A flash flush in online poker is a combination of any five cards of the same suit, no matter in what order. The highest card in this combination determines the overall value of the flush. Our example is a king flush with a higher card is stronger than a Queen flush with a higher card. A combination in street street poker is a sequence of cards of different suits according to their overall rank. The highest straight starts with an ACE and the lowest straight looks like A. This is very important because many players think that the lowest straight starts with. in poker, any three cards of the same rank are considered to be a set.

for example, you can see the set of kings.

A two-pair combination in poker is a combination of any two cards of the same rank combined with any two cards of a different rank.

The example shows the combination. A parapara combination in online poker is a combination of any two identical cards. The example shows a pair of tens. High card combination in poker, when a player does not get any of the above combinations, the highest card is determined. When comparing two players with the highest card, the one with the highest card wins. You can easily find a huge number of documents with a list of poker combinations, which will be executed both in the form of text and stacked images. The first ones are convenient to use for clean reading, printing, or creating your own explanatory programs.

The latter is a great interior element and a good way to better remember the main element of the game.

It's one thing to learn the name and sequence. And it's quite another thing to get acquainted with colored people examples made on a large sheet with all the details and design elements. However, both of these tools are suitable only as a means for initial study of combinations that, firstly, will not even introduce you to the nuances of poker, and secondly, will soon turn out to be useless. But there is one extremely convenient format that you can find or use to create your own memos about poker. These are tables.

Columns and cells clearly classify the material, allowing you to quickly and easily navigate through it, providing free space for adding new information that may appear as a result of new experience.

It is best to start with the simplest one.

Create a table of poker combinations with two columns and cells.

In the first one, write the names of the combinations, and in the second one - the details that are important for you, or leave it empty to fill in as you get acquainted with the features of each of the combinations. It is better to record all greeters there are different variants of names, because different training resources and even poker rooms use different ones. You can even add a list in English, because although many of them are similar to the Russian spelling, a poor knowledge of the language can cause a hitch, which is not welcome in poker, it Is not superfluous to use a table that will tell you your chances of winning. There are an incredible number of them, and not all of them will bring you an unambiguous victory, but they will help you make calculations in order to understand the probabilities and build your strategy more correctly. First of all, this is a table of the strength of pocket desks. It takes into account the chance of cards falling out that would add to your set and help make you a winner.

Again, this is not a guarantee, but only a probability, which, in fact, is all poker.

Often, these numbers can even confuse newcomers, forcing them to overestimate their capabilities. Another useful table that will be frequently used by both beginners and experienced users.

by players - the probability of winning, calculated from the number of outs (cards needed to collect a combination), the players at the table and the betting circle.

At first, it will be quite difficult to navigate in it, because it is voluminous, and you need to make a decision quickly. But once you get used to it, you'll really notice how these tools come in handy during the game. More primitive tables do not give you numbers, but simply tell you what action to take on a certain round of trading with a particular combination. At first glance, this may seem like a simple solution to the problem, but on the other hand, it takes a significant amount of interest from the game and turns you from a player into a simple layman. If your goal is to enrich yourself, this may be a good way, because it tells you how to play, taking into account statistics, but if you want to become a good player, you need smartness and analytical abilities, which, do not worry, develop in the process. There are also programs that, conditionally, these tables are compiled based on the data you enter during the game, but their use is frowned upon both by the poker community as a whole and by individual poker rooms, which may block your account in the event of such a violation. And again, such tools take away all the excitement, turning you from a player into a machine for statistical calculation, and, without your own participation, therefore, use the tables of poker combinations, with the probability of winning certain cards and the chances of collecting certain combinations and analyze them yourself during the game. You'll see how much your skill grows, and soon you won't even need them. dcdiap dcdiap titlePoker tables for beginners titleIf you play poker all the time, you probably know how difficult it can be to quickly calculate your outs and your chances of winning.

Or, for example, determine how likely we are to see an overcard on the flop when we raise with a pocket of sevens? And in the online game, we are given everything to think about it takes us a few seconds to decide whether to enter the hand or not, call a raise, or fold.many professionals use special programs to make decisions in the game (for example, Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager), but these programs are quite expensive, especially for a novice player.

And not all of these programs are allowed for use in poker rooms, among them there are also prohibited ones. That's why we have developed our own poker tables specially for You, which can be used during the game, and which will help You quickly learn how to determine your chances of winning the hand.

However, these tables are suitable only for novice players, as well as for those who plan to strengthen their game in the future.

Experienced players or, even more so, professionals should know all these truths and so on, and constantly keep this information in mind first of all, these tables are needed In order to learn how to correctly assess their chances on certain events. And in order not to shout in a rage later: look at what he beat my aces on?! He didn't stand a chance!. Because there aren't really any cards in Texas hold'em that don't have a chance of winning the hand. You can win even on a mismatched, and You'll be surprised when you find out how much chance this starting hand has of winning even against monster hands like A-K. Because in poker, it's rare for one hand to be a clear favorite over another. Usually, the advantage of one starting hand over the other rarely exceeds the ratio of to. This means that out of the three hands played, two hands will be won by the favorite hand, and one hand will be taken by the underdog hand. Such chances, for example, have the same suited A-K against the same suited.

Therefore, if you think that you should win every hand with an ACE and a king, you are deeply mistaken, And in order for Your hand to have a really large gap in odds against the opponent's hand, it is necessary that You have an ACE and a king in your hands.

a pair was already collected, and it was larger than any of your opponent's cards. For example, if you enter with aces and a mismatched - plays against You, Then your chances of winning will already be to. But even this means that you will only win every hands out of five, and one hand will still be taken by the player with. In addition, even if we have aces in our hands, we will not always be even favorites against our opponents.

So, if we are playing against a single opponent, then Yes, undoubtedly, our aces will be clear favorites with about chance of winning.

However, if more people enter the hand with us, then our chances of winning will already be ! And if the entire table (people) comes in, then the chances of winning aces will be a modest. Below are some poker tables designed for beginners. We have tried to find the most reliable information so that You can accurately assess your chances of success with or against certain cards, rather than just roughly. certain types of players. chances of winning against a certain number of players and with specific cards in their hands (the range of opponents hands is unknown) Table. Chances of getting a certain starting hand, as well as a certain range of hands (for example, suited connectors) table. Chances of getting a pocket pair and seeing a pocket pair older from one of the opponents (depending on the number of opponents) table. Chance of having aces from one of Your opponents (including the case when You have one ACE) Table. Chance to see the opponent's ACE with a stronger kicker than You (depending on the number of players in the hand and Your kicker) table. Determining the probability of winning depending on the number of outs you have on the flop. However, it is necessary to be able to correctly evaluate your outs based on the mathematics of poker. Poker combinations by seniority in pictures card layout in ascending order in the table'All poker combinations: from the strongest one up to the weakest, we consider all combos in tables and pictures, with visual examples' A combination of cards in poker is used to determine the winner of the hand and draw the pot or part of the pot when the hand comes to showdown (showdown). If there is only one player left in the hand before the showdown, the hand ends and there is no showdown. In hold'em, the best of pocket cards and community cards are used to make a combination, and you can use, or pocket cards. In Omaha, pocket cards and community cards are always used to make a combination. The term “hand " is understood and used by poker enthusiasts in two different ways. The first designation for pocket cards. For example, players often say phrases like " My hand is aces”" The second one is used to indicate your combination, for example, " my hand is a fullhouse”.  This is why pocket cards are often referred to as the starting hand. It is easy to see how the starting hand turns into just a hand in the lexicon of game lovers, and there is confusion. For to avoid confusion, we recommend using the terms “pocket cards” and “combination”. We will talk about pocket cards for hold'em. Players receive pocket cards in the dark at the beginning of the hand. There are, combinations of pocket cards.

Many starting hands are identical in their value before the flop, for example.

If we take them into account as one combination, we get non-identical starting hands in hold'em: pairs. suited combinations and mismatched ones. The strongest starting hand is the weakest. There are different ways to classify starting hands. Let's look at the main categories. Excellent starting hands that can be raised from any position. They are the most profitable hands in the long run, and they do a great job with -bet aggression and calls. Low pairs should not be played from early and middle positions, but it is profitable to play such hands from late positions. Mismatched premium hands are played by raising from all positions. In a game with participants at the table, you can add Junk, mismatched hands to this list, such as the weakest pocket cards in poker that are not raised.

Most pocket card combinations fall into this category, so it's important to be disciplined in throwing out trash hands and knowing which hands to play from which positions.

Connectors are two cards of the same suit and adjacent in seniority. The best starting card combinations in this category are. Such hands perform well from most positions, collect strong flushes and straights, and win big pots. Leaky connectors can go well with a Board and win big pots, but they are less profitable than connectors. The larger the gap, the weaker the connectors are. Matching hands with -and -card gaps can be raises from late positions, but it is not recommended to play them from early and mid positions. In hold'em, kickers are often used to determine the precedence of a combination. A kicker is a card that is included in the a combination of the top cards, but does not determine the type of combination. For example, in a combination, cards are kickers.

It is extremely important to keep this in mind and correctly make a combination of the best cards to evaluate the strength of the hands in hold'em.

For example, a Board game. Player has pocket cards, player. Players go all-in and reveal their cards. Player ahead, his combination. The combination of player. on the river goes out. Now pairs of player were devalued by a pair on the Board, because cards are used to make a combination. Player 's combination. player 's Combination. player 's Combination is higher and he takes the pot. Let's say a Board. Player has pocket cards, player has. Players share the pot, both have a flush combination. Let's now assume that player has pocket cards. This site is not a gambling platform. All information posted on the site is for informational purposes only.

Anyone who follows the news of offline poker has noticed that this year interest in hold'em has started to grow again.

use a short-deck (holdem short-deck) or (six plus) hold'em. This was primarily due to the two stages of the well-publicized Triton Poker Super High Roller Series. In its schedule, half of the tournaments were just for this type of poker.

The victories are won in addition to the players from Asia and known to Americans Phil Ivey and Jason kun.

It is important for online players that it is now possible to play hold'em with a short deck on the Internet as well. But about all under the order. It is known that the birthplace of hold'em is Macau. The first information about it appeared in. The game quickly began to gain popularity in the Asian region. The rules were simple, and the short deck provided more action at the table compared to hold'em with a full deck. In, videos appeared online in which Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey talk about hold'em with a short deck. Durrr even said this year that he now only plays it the way regular hold'em has become for him. After these videos about started talking in the West. Over the past four years, about a dozen poker rooms have tried to introduce this format to their clients, but it has only taken root in a few, and even in them the traffic size for is very small. The second wind to this format was given by its launch on November, in the rooms of the GG network. Despite the four years that have passed since the creation of holdem short-deck, there are no special developments in the theory and strategy of this game. No software has been released for it. Therefore, even regulars have to play in the old-fashioned way, relying on General experience and knowledge of the basics of poker mathematics. The basis for building any strategy game in six plus holdem is the understanding that due to the smaller number of cards in the deck, many probabilities change with the same number of outs. One out is now: Currently, more or less stable cache traffic of is available in the IPoker network, poker Tips, and of course in the gg Poker network rooms. As for the limits you can play in IPoker the most expensive of them is NL, in the Party, despite the smaller total number of tables, tables of nlk-NLK limits are collected. (UPD: November) the most promising place to play hold'em with a short deck is the gg network rooms.

This format has many features here compared to other rooms, but it is closest to its original Asian version, which is familiar to Chinese players: it Is in GG that six of the eight available limits can be attributed to an expensive game of.

The ante size is as follows: To get a private rakeback deal in any of the above rooms, especially in the GG Poker network (review of deals), please contact our managers in live chat on the website or via messengers: GGPoker GG Network is Good for beginners Best network room high-limit Game is Good for beginners Best network room High-limit game Bonus $ fish Buffet Rakeback Review GGPokerOK GG Network is Good for beginners Best network room no Deposit bonus is Good for beginners Best network room no Deposit bonus Up to $ fish Buffet rakeback review Betfair Poker iPoker Network Quick cashouts rakeback Quick cashouts rakeback bonus Rakeback Poker Tips GVC Network high limit Game is Good for beginners rakeback high limit Game is Good for beginners rakeback bonus up to $ In tickets Rakeback up to bestpoker iPoker Network Review rakeback rakeback bonus rakeback review we publish all news About the game in various Rooms And closed reservations on private terms in our telegram channel. The values of card combinations in poker are the first thing that a novice player should learn. Below is a classic diagram of the value of poker combinations in descending order of their value.

(from the English royal flush or Royal flush).

The most valuable combination of cards in poker, which is a great luck to collect. It consists of five high cards of the same suit: ACE, King, Queen, Jack.

This combination of cards it consists of five consecutive cards of the same suit, for example, Queen, Jack.

an ACE can act in a straight flush as a high (ACE, King, Queen, Jack) card, then it will be a Royal flush, and as a low card (ACE). But if the ACE is in the middle of the sequence (for example, Corle, ACE), such a combination of cards will no longer be a straight flush, that is, a winning one. When comparing two straight flushes, the one with the highest card wins. four of a kind is a combination of cards in which four cards of the same value plus any other card, for example, Jack.

Among two or more squares, the one with the higher rank of four cards wins.

Some games use multiple decks to play, so it is possible to have two or more squares of the same value.

In this case, the winner is determined by the seniority of the fifth card.

(from the English full house or full house). It consists of a triple and a pair, i.e. three cards of the same value and two cards of the same rank.

When comparing two or more full houses, seniority is determined by the rank of triples, if the triples are the same (in games with multiple decks), the winner is determined by twos.

So, of the combinations, King, King and Jack, Jack, Jack, the winning one will be the last one.

(from the English flush). Any five cards of the same suit. If two or more flushes are compared, the winning hand in poker is determined by the highest card. For example, when comparing Jack, and Queen, the last One will be older. If all cards of two or more flushes match, the pot is divided equally. (from the English straight). This winning poker combination consists of five consecutive cards of any suit. Just like in a straight flush, the ACE can be either a high card or a low card. A combination of, ACE is often called a wheel or wheel. (from the English three of a kind or set). Three cards of the same value. With two or more triplets, the triplet with the highest card value wins. If the ranks of two or more triples match (in games with multiple decks), the seniority will be determined by the highest card from the remaining ones. (from the English. A pair of cards of one value plus a pair of cards of another value. A hand with the highest ranked pair qualifies as a winning hand. If one of the pairs matches in two or more hands, the winner is determined by the seniority of the other pair.

If they are the same, the hand with the fifth card of the highest value wins.

(from the English pair). Two cards of the same value.

If the card values are the same, the remaining cards in the hand are considered.

The more valuable one wins. For example, among the pairs Jack, Jack, and Jack, Jack, the first one wins. (from the English high card). Basically, this is a hand that doesn't have any of the above winning poker combinations. Seniority is determined by the highest card. If the highest cards in two or more hands match, look at the next highest card, and so on to the last card. If they all match in rank cards, the Bank is divided equally. 'Summary of the page about useful tables for playing online poker. There are the following tables for poker: preflop rules, Fixed Limit preflop strategy, starting hands chart for the early stage of the tournament, overview of possible cards for stealing blinds, overview of possible cards for stil-reray, buy-in chart for MSS (Mid Stack Strategy).'You level up with each hand you entered the game with.

With AA, KK, QQ, AKs or AKo - continue to raise.

You equate promotions with JJ, TT, AQs, AQo, or AJs. With AA, KK, QQ, AKs or AKo - continue to raise. If there was a raise after You, then you continue the game only with: AA, KK, QQ, AK and immediately go all-in. All other cards are discarded! If there was a raise after You, then you continue the game only with: AA, KK, QQ, AK and immediately go all-in. All other cards are discarded! If there was a raise after You, then you continue the game only with: AA, KK, QQ, AK and immediately go all-in. All other cards are discarded! If after You was raise, then you continue the game with only: AA, KK, QQ, AK and immediately go all-in. All other cards are discarded! Summary of the page about useful tables for playing online poker. There are the following tables for poker: preflop rules, Fixed Limit preflop strategy, starting hands chart for the early stage of the tournament, overview of possible cards for stealing blinds, overview of possible cards for stil-reray, buy-in chart for MSS (Mid Stack Strategy). useful, tables, games, online, poker, eat, rules, strategy, Fixed, Limit, chart, starting, hands, early, stage, tournament, overview, cards, steals, blinds, Steele reraise, buy-ins, MSS, Mid, Stack, Strategy, AA, KK, QQ, TKs, TKo, JJ, TT, AQs, AQo, AJs, AJo, ATs, ATo, KQo, KQs, KJs, KTS, QJs, Qts, JTS, Ts, useful, monsters, strong, speculative, medium, early, late, position, after, was, raise, rest, fold, raise, CHEK 'Overview of all card combinations in poker, in ascending order, the weakest and strongest combinations in poker, tips for beginners' The main task of a poker player is to collect a winning combination on his hands. Every beginner must first learn the rules and combinations of the type of poker they are going to play. This will increase your chances of winning and give you more confidence at the game table. Every winning combination in poker has its own merit. It is important for the player not only to collect certain cards in his hands, but also to determine their seniority and chances of winning. More experienced players estimate the probability of collecting a certain combination at each stage, and can predict their chances of winning. Below are all the winning combinations in Texas hold'em poker. This particular variety is often called classical. For most types of poker game used the same combination of cards. It is enough to learn them once to feel confident in any poker games later, and it is easier to master them. The weakest hand is when the player can't stack any other winning combination. The player will win with the highest card. Two cards of the same rank. The combination is often found even on the flop. If two players competing for the pot have pairs, the winner is the one who has the highest suit of cards in his hands. In this combination, the player should be able to collect two pairs. If several players manage to collect such a combination at the table, then first the dignity of the older pair is compared to determine the winner. If the older pairs are equal, then the players move on to comparing the younger pair. A combination of three cards of the same rank (Three of a kind). If several players at the table have collected a set, the winner will be the one with the highest card of the higher value. A combination of five consecutive cards in order of seniority. If there are several players at the straight table, the highest card wins by analogy with the previous combinations. Beginners need to be careful: often they do not notice that they have collected this combination, discard their cards, although they have a high chance of winning. Hand combination in poker, in which the player needs to collect five cards of the same suit. If several players have a flush after opening the cards, the highest card wins. Literally translated from English, it means a full house. A strong hand in poker, for which you need to create and cards of the same value. Example: two aces and three tens, two sixes and three Queens.

If there are two or more full houses at the table, then the seniority of the three cards collected is evaluated first.

If it is equal, then the players proceed to compare the seniority of pairs. A combination of four cards of the same rank. Example: four Queens and one card of a different rank. The Junior square is four deuces, the senior four aces. There can be no more than two squares at a poker table at the same time. The winner will be the one who has a higher-ranked combination in his hands. Five consecutive senior cards of the same suit. Seniority is determined by the highest card of the straight flush. The suit doesn't matter. Royal flush (Royal flush) five consecutive cards of the same suit from ten to ACE. The most powerful hand in poker that every player dreams of collecting, given the low probability of a combination falling out, even experienced players rarely manage to do this or do not succeed at all for the entire practice. Here you need to have not only skill, but also a lot of luck.

If you have such a combination in your hands, you need to develop a competent game strategy.

Regardless of your opponents cards, you've already won for sure. You need to build the game so that you realize the potential of your cards and take the maximum chips out of the pot. Don't play too aggressively: this can scare off your opponents, and they will leave the game in the early rounds. Strong activity in this case can harm you, so the right approach is to try to maintain the dynamics in trading for as long as possible.

Wait for the Bank to increase when trading is almost over.

Then you can bet all-in (bet on everything). For ease of memorization, we suggest saving the reminder image shown below. Winning combinations of cards in classic poker will always be in front of your eyes, and you will be able to quickly master all the nuances of their composition.

Combinations are presented in descending order: each one above is more powerful in the game compared to the previous one.

Poker combinations consist of five cards.

A straight flush starting with an ACE is a Royal flush

They are made up of cards that are on the table and in the hands of each player. The cards on the table are shared by all players. Only you know the cards in your hands, so other players can only guess about the possible combinations that you have collected. Here it is important to correctly play out the situation and develop a strategy that will lead to victory.

In Texas hold'em, you will have a total of seven cards available to you.

You can use any five cards available to create your winning combination. Two cards are dealt to you by the dealer at the very beginning of the game, five will be on the General table: after each round of bidding, a new card will appear. If you play Texas hold'em Hold'em, then it is not necessary to use both pocket cards to make a combination. In Omaha, the rules are different: to make a combination, you must use two pocket cards and three community cards on the table without fail. Such rules complicate the game for beginners, so it is recommended to start with Texas hold'em. Learn not only from your own mistakes, but also from those of others.

As a rule, beginners make the same mistakes when making poker combinations.

We suggest you read them below. Beginners often try to take part in every hand, regardless of the combinations of cards in their hands and their prospects. In poker, a certain amount of detachment is important. Your goal is not to reach the end, but to win.

You need to evaluate your cards: it is better to fold once again than to lose a lot of chips as a result of losing, incorrectly assessing the initial situation.

Often beginners do not take into account the chances of collecting a particular combination, they play to the end in the hope of improving. It is important to evaluate whether it is worth trying continue playing or discard your cards and make a pass.

Sometimes it's better to get out of the game than to risk further and hope only for luck.

Poker should be played as focused as possible, without making decisions based solely on emotions. If you are tired, have lost several times and are upset about it, it is often better to finish the game that brings only losses.

You can get the game Bank in two ways.

The first one is to collect the strongest combination on the table. In this case, you will become the winner of the hand. The second way is to take a risk and place a bet that your opponents can't match. As a result, they can discard their cards, and you will become the winner. Poker combinations: winning combinations of cards in poker, in order of seniority'A poker hand consists of five cards (no more, no less). If two hand combinations are considered to be part of the same combination, the seniority can be determined depending on the seniority of the cards. There are no priorities between suits. Actually, let's start from the very beginning- poker combinations in order of seniority.'one of the most popular and well-known card games in our country, which has gained special success among players after the liquidation of the gambling business in the Russian Federation. Despite the variety of existing varieties of this world-famous game, it is quite simple to understand it. But before you sit down to play, you will need to study all the existing poker combinations. In total, as we know, there are of them - not so much to study. There are also General rules - a poker hand includes five cards (no more, no less).

If two hand combinations are considered to be part of the same combination, the seniority can be determined depending on the seniority of the cards.

There are no priorities between suits. Actually, let's start from the very beginning. Studies have shown that the average player (according to the theory of probability), such a combination occurs only a few times in his life. Remember the combination is quite simple-ten, Jack, Queen, king and ACE. There is one important point - if at least one of the five cards collected does not match the rest in suit, it is no longer a Royal Straight flush, but a straight from an ACE. The second highest hand in poker. This combination includes five cards of the same suit - they follow each other in dignity. In this case, the highest card should not be an ACE.

A Prime example is the king, Queen, Jack, ten and nine of diamonds-this combination is called a "Straight Flush from the king".

ACE is a so-called "universal card", it can be evaluated as both the lowest and the highest. Example-five, four, three, two, ACE-straight flush (from). If two players simultaneously get a straight flush during the game, the pot is awarded to the participant with the higher cards (straight flush from the five and straight flush from the king-the last combination wins). If the seniority of the cards completely matches - the pot will be divided in two between these participants based on the results of the game.

Remember this one the combination will not be difficult even for a person far from the world of cards.

A square is a collection of four cards of the same value any fifth card (its value does not matter). Example: four Ladies are four of a kind. Since the Squares collected during the game cannot have the same value, the combination with the highest value will win out of two or more Squares collected by players. In fact, a slightly modified analogue of a Square is a collection of three cards of the same value cards identical to cards with a different value. If there are three aces and two jacks, it is a Full house. The fifth hand in poker is called a Flush. Any five cards collected in the same suit form a flush combination. Three, five, seven, Jack and king-this is a flush with a king (by the name of the strongest card). Similar to the previous combinations - if there are two flushes at the table, the combination with the highest value cards wins.  However, if there are flushes with a Queen in the game, the seniority will be determined by the second card, make up the flush card (if it is identical - the third, fourth, or fifth card, respectively). If a participant has collected five cards during the game that are equal in value to each other, but do not match in suit, this combination is called a straight.

So, seven, eight, nine, ten, Jack of different games-straight.

Junior straight - from ACE to five, where ACE is one.

If the collected straights are identical, the pot is divided equally between the players.

If there are higher cards in one combination, it wins. The seventh poker combination is called a Set-there must be three cards of the same value and an arbitrary two cards. Three fours, an ACE and a five is a Set. The highest set can be determined by the seniority of the constituent cards. Two pairs - a poker combination that includes two pairs of identical cards any one card.

If during the game players have collected two equivalent combinations, the highest one is considered to be the one in which they make up the higher the value of the card.

If the highest pair matches, you need to clear out the winner for the second collected pair. If two pairs are equal for two players, the player with the highest fifth card wins. A couple are second-to-last hand in Poker. Its essence is very simple - two cards with the same value any three cards in the cards collected at the end of the game. The definition of a winning combination is completely identical to the above "Two pairs" combination. If the pairs collected by two players are identical, then the winner will be taken by the one with the highest card (maximum dignity) of the three unpaired cards. There are cases when, at the end of the game, a player collects cards with different values that do not have pairs and do not match in suit. This is the weakest poker hand in existence - however, if two players put it together, the pot is taken by the person with the highest card in the hand. An inexperienced poker player might mistakenly think that tournament poker and cash are not just a game of poker. they are very similar, but they are practically the same thing. We assure you that everything is not as simple as it is commonly believed. In this article, we will explain the differences between a tournament and a cache by answering all the players questions. Poker, as in any other sphere of life, has its own rumors and myths that create a false impression of the game among novice players.There are four major poker myths that are far more untrue than the rest. Let's try to dispel them. This article explains how to properly treat money in poker. First of all, they are a means to participate in the game, get positive emotions and experience, and only then - the goal of poker.

It is important not to treat chips on the gambling table as real money, it is just the same attribute of the game as a deck of cards.

Today, an incredibly huge variety of such games has been created - as they say, for every color and taste. Let's find out which types of poker are most popular and which games are worth playing. play it? One of the best and, most surprisingly, one of the youngest players in the world is Phil Ivey. Phil's friends claim that he can play any hand as if it were, at least for me, pocket aces. This is probably what makes ivy one of the most dangerous poker players in the world. A little bit about its success in our material.

Rules of Chinese Poker Chinese poker (Open Face Chinese Poker OFC) is a card game for - people, the meaning of which is to make the most powerful poker combinations.

The game is played in the open opponents can see each other's combinations as they are made up.

For playing Chinese poker, a standard -card deck is used (from to ACE, without jokers).

The suits are equivalent. The minimum number of participants is. the Maximum number is (for the Chinese version of Pineapple poker). Each player at the table takes one place with three boxes for cards (high (lower) and middle-for cards, Junior (top) - for cards).

By the end of the hand, the high box must contain the strongest poker hand, and the low box must contain the weakest.

The game is played for points (kushi). The goal is to score the highest number of points.

Before the start of the game, the monetary value of one point is determined by agreement of the players (for example, rubles for one point).

And at the end of the batch, a calculation is made. A Miscalculation can also be set before the game starts by agreement of the players. Miscalculation indicates the maximum amount of points that a player can lose in one game, and is mainly used when playing OK for real money. If at the beginning of a new game a player does not have enough funds to cover the miscalculation, then he is not allowed to play. In the first hand, one of the players is given a button that determines the order of the players turn: the player sitting on the left side of the player on the button goes first. The player on the button moves last. After the hand ends, the button moves to the next player in a clockwise direction. Hand in Chinese poker it starts with the issue of cards to all players in the closed game. After that, the player in the first position (next to the button) opens his cards and puts them at his discretion in three boxes. After him, the other players take turns opening and laying out their cards. Further moves, depending on the type of Chinese poker being played, develop as follows: All players are alternately dealt one card in the open, which they must distribute to one of their boxes.

These moves are repeated in a circle times until the players fill all three of their boxes.

All players are alternately dealt cards in the open, all of which they must distribute to their boxes. Such moves are repeated in a circle times. All players are dealt cards in a closed game. Then, the player in the first position chooses of the offered cards and adds them to their boxes in the open. The third card is discarded to the discard pile, remaining closed for the opponents. The remaining players take turns laying out cards each and reset one at a time in the same way. Such moves are repeated in a circle times. If by the end of the hand a player has collected a combination that violates the order of their strength (the highest box was younger than any of the others or the middle box was weaker than the lowest), then his hand is declared "dead". In this case, his combinations are considered losers to all others and he does not receive bonus points. At the end of the hand, points are counted. Points are awarded when each player's hand is compared in pairs with the others. In each pair, the corresponding combinations are compared: senior with senior, average with average, and Junior with Junior. "Dead" hands get points each when compared in pairs. Bonus points are also awarded for making premium combinations. An additional Convention, according to which a player who has collected a combination of QQ (a pair of Queens) or higher on the lower box, plays his hand as a so-called fantasy in the next hand. Player (s) playing the spread-out game in the closed game, it distributes cards to its boxes (in "Pineapple" one of the received cards goes to the end). Players with imagination spread out their hands at the same time at the beginning of the hand. After completing the fantasy spread, the other players play the hand in normal mode. At the end of the hand, the fantasy hand opens and points are counted. When playing a fantasy, the button does not move, the order of the move remains the same as in the previous hand. Thus, with each fantasy, the game is extended by one hand. By agreement of the participants, the game can be played with a repetition of fantasy. When playing with a fantasy replay, the player who lays out the fantasy can also get it in the next hand, if he can lay out a square on the high box straight flush Royal flush or Junior box set popular poker combinations from kicker to Royal flush poker Combinations, their comparison, seniority of combinations when the same hand falls out for several players. All popular poker combinations.

Where take money for online poker? They can be obtained for free, using funds earned on the Internet.

For this purpose, the best options are those without attachments: paid surveys, earning money in social networks, and writing articles. Combinations in poker are two or more cards that form a winning combination. Knowledge of combinations is mandatory when playing poker, regardless of its type.

However, in different types of poker, the seniority of combinations and their values may differ.

In this article, we will analyze the combinations that are played in Texas hold'em, Omaha, and draw poker. We will also provide explanations about situations where one or more players have the same strength combinations. Before starting to analyze poker combinations by seniority, it should be noted that in the absence of such combinations for each of the participants, after the showdown, the one with the highest card wins. If several players have the same high cards at the same time, the winner is determined by the second card. on the largest card, this continues until the first difference in seniority is revealed. If all five cards of the remaining participants are identical, the pot is distributed to all participants according to their contribution to the pot. The smallest hand in poker is any pair of cards with two cards of the same value. If several players fall out of pairs, the one with the higher pair wins. If the pairs are identical in rank, then look at the highest-ranking card that is not used in the pair. The next most powerful combination is two pairs.

If this combination had more than one player in the poker room, the winner is determined by the highest pair.

That is, if one participant a pair of kings and pair of Queens, and the second pair of aces and a pair of twos, then the win goes to the second player. Three cards of the same rank are also considered a winning combination, and they beat two pairs, and even more so one.

This combination cannot be dropped by more than one player, because the deck contains only cards of each value, so the winner is determined by the seniority of the three.

Straight is the next most powerful combination, which consists in sequentially following different cards one after another. It is noteworthy that the ACE can act as the first card with which the sequence begins, the next card will be a deuce this combination is considered the weakest among the straights. Above the straight flush are five cards of different values, but of the same suit. The strongest flush is considered to be a suited combination with an ACE. If there are several such combinations, the winner is determined by the second highest card. A striking flush combination of three and two cards of the same rank, or three and a pair. This combination is called a full house. The player with the highest three cards will have the strongest full house. It is extremely rare to collect four cards of the same rank, but if this happens, the player has a combination of four of a kind. The square of aces is the highest a four that beats the rest of the squares. Straight flush is the second highest hand in poker, which consists of a matching flush. In other words, a straight flush is a sequence of cards that match the same suit.

The smallest possible straight flush is a combination that starts with an ACE and ends with a five.

Finally, the most valuable and biggest hand in poker is a Royal flush.

This is the same straight flush, but in which cards of the same suit are arranged in a sequence, starting with a ten and ending with an ACE.

If several players have the same combinations, the winner is determined by the seniority of the cards in the combination itself, or if they match, by cards that are not included in the combination. The suit has absolutely no meaning, cards of any of the four suits in poker are valued equally. In poker, there is such a thing as a fo flush-four matching cards laid out on the table. In Texas hold'em, any card in the hands of a player with the same suit forms a full flush, what can not be said about the Omaha poker game, where you need to have two matching cards in your hands to form a flush. Any consecutive cards are used in the straight, and a combination starting with an ACE and ending with a five is also possible. Combinations such as K, A, and others do not exist in poker.

There are often situations when ready-made combinations are opened on the Board.

For example, if a square of kings is revealed on the table, and the fifth card is an ACE, then the pot is divided equally between the remaining participants in the game. In the event that a lower-ranking card appears on the table instead of an ACE, and one player has an ACE in his hands, then he takes the pot (again, if the rest of the cards have less than an ACE in their hands). The same applies to other situations: first of all, the highest combination is considered, and it does not matter whether it is completely on the table or partially in the hands of the players. A thorough knowledge of all the rules of poker, as well as its combinations, is a prerequisite for a successful game play this popular card game. Depending on the type of poker, the rules may differ. For a better understanding of the combinations, we recommend that you read the articles on the Live games website: You can easily find any game or page on our website. To do this, you need to use the site map - it is very convenient and clear.

Poker combinations - rules of Poker.The hand roll in poker always remains the same, regardless of which version of poker you are playing.

A poker hand consists of five cards. A poker hand is divided into several categories, such as a flush, straight, or two pair. The winner is the player with the highest poker hand. Royal Flush - the highest hand in poker, so the value of the poker hand is always the Same, regardless of which version of poker you play.

A poker hand consists of five cards.

A poker hand is divided into several categories, such as a flush, straight, or two pair. The winner is the player with the highest poker hand. Some poker games are called hi-lo (seven-card stud hi-lo or Omaha hi-lo), and they are so called due to the fact that players need to collect not only the highest combination (hi), but also the lowest (low). The pot is divided between high and low winning combinations. We have illustrated a high combination. The lowest combination includes five different cards, from and below. For example: ACE - for Example, Hint Poker offers you two games where the pot is divided between the best high hand and the best low hand: Omaha hi-lo and seven-card stud hi-lo. In order to win the lower part of the pot, a qualitatively weak hand must consist of five unpaired cards from and below. Straights and flushes are not considered a low hand, and aces are considered the lowest card. Combinations of five cards of the same rank divide the bottom pot equally, regardless of suit.

In the hi-lo games featured on Hint Poker, the lowest hand is is a straight from and below, called a Bicycle or wheel.

If two or more players have a wheel Bicycle, then the bottom of the pot is divided between them. All wheel combinations are equal regardless of suit. If no one has collected five different cards from and below, this means that there is no low hand in the game and then the highest hand is considered the winner. In this case, the pot is not divided, as there is only one winner. Poker rules for beginners and combinations'Poker is considered to be one of the most famous card games. Thousands of international tournaments speak for themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone can fully enjoy this game. After all, poker is quite cruel to inexperienced and green players.Poker is considered to be one of the most famous card games. Thousands of international tournaments speak for themselves.

Unfortunately, not everyone can fully enjoy this game.

After all, poker is quite cruel to inexperienced and "green" players. But don't get upset. After all, here we will discuss the basic rules of poker for beginners, which will improve your understanding of the game and, accordingly, your skill. Do you want to learn how to play poker? Then this article is for you. But before you consider the rules of poker for beginners, it is worth delving into the history of this game. Poker is a popular card game that is known all over the world. There are still discussions about the origin of the game's name. If you believe the most popular version, then 'poker' came from the word 'pochen', which translates from German as 'knock'. The first mention of poker dates back to the th century. This game was born in Europe. In those days, the rules of poker were a bit different.

But over time, they changed until they came to a modern look.

The first references to the modern version, which were certified in writing, appeared back in, in the memoirs of the popular actor Joe Cowell. Five years later, in, poker began to use a deck consisting of from cards. In the future, the rules of the game were not significantly changed.

Despite the fact that the rules of the game were constantly changing, the essence remained the same.

Winning always depended on the presence of a particular poker combination. Now we will discuss the basic rules of poker for beginners, poker combinations. After reading this article, you will get the basic concepts that will help you during the game in Texas hold'em. This article is intended for novice players. Here we will look at the most important rules of poker for beginners. Towards the end, we'll also talk about the basic combinations.

Do you want to learn how to play poker? The rules of the game are quite simple.

There are several participants at the table (from two and, as a rule, up to ten). The game itself begins with the distribution of cards.

The rules of the poker hand are quite simple.

The player who deals cards is called the dealer (in online poker, the letter D stands next to it). After the hand ends, the dealer's title goes to the next clockwise player. After the distribution begins the first bet. This stage of the game is called preflop. Two players sitting at the dealer place automatic bets, which are called the small (MB) and big blind (BB), respectively.

BB is twice as large as MB.

Then the move goes to the next one. It, in turn, can perform one of the actions that we will discuss below. If no one raised the bet in the current round, the player can say 'check'. After using this action, the turn moves to the next clockwise player. As a rule, a 'check' indicates that the player has no desire to raise the bet. Most likely, he has a weak or incomplete hand.

The bet action can be used if no one raised their bet during the current round.

That is, if all the previous players said 'check'. Using the bet action, the player raises the bet by the specified amount. 'Bet' is used to indicate that you have a good combination in your hands. This function is also used for bluffing. 'Pass '('fold') denotes a refusal players fight for the pot. The person who said 'pass' has the right not to bet in the current hand. However, he can't win either. As a rule, 'fold' is used if a player has a bad, weak hand or combination.

'Call' is used in the case that one of the previous players have upped the ante (told 'Beth').

'Call' means that the player supports the previous player's bet and deposits the same amount of money into the General pot. If the player says 'call', then there are two outcomes. Either he has a good, competitive hand that can develop into a strong hand, or he is bluffing. 'Raise' can be used if one of the previous players said 'bet'. 'Raise' means that the player not only supports the previous bet, but also deposits an additional amount of money. 'Raise' indicates that a player has a powerful hand or is simply trying to intimidate their opponents into saying 'fold'. When the players are equal in their bets, the preflop stage ends and the flop begins.

Flop they call the stage when three cards are laid out on the table.

Thanks to this, players can soberly assess their chances, suggest possible combinations. A new round of trading begins, which is no different from the previous one.

The player can also raise, equalize, maintain the bet, or simply save.

The turn is the period when the fourth card is opened. Thanks to this, the picture at the table becomes much clearer. Players are clearly aware of their chances of winning.

The next to last trade.

As a rule, it is at this stage of the game that the first bluffs begin. River is the stage of the game when the last, fifth card is laid out on the table. Players see their final combinations.

The last round of trading begins.

During the river, players start actively bluffing and intimidating their opponents in order to take the pot without showdown. The essence of this stage is that players who stayed at the table after the final round of trading show their cards. The Bank takes the one from whom it turned out to be the strongest combination of cards.

If two players manage to collect equally strong combinations, then the pot is divided equally between them.

Knowing the combinations is one of the most important components of playing poker. Knowing them, you can soberly assess your chances of winning, find out the potential strength of your hand. In this article, we will look at all the combinations in poker in descending order (from the strongest to the weakest). A Royal flush is a special case of a straight flush. It consists of five high cards (ten, Jack, Queen, king, ACE) of the same suit. A straight flush consists of five cards of the same suit in order. For example, spades three, four, five, six, and seven. It is noteworthy that an ACE can either start a combination or end it. Poker, four of a kind or four of a kind is a combination that is represented by four cards of the same value. For example, a combination of spades, crosses, diamonds, and hearts is called a square. Full house, three plus two or full house combination consisting of one triplet and one pair. For example, two jacks and three kings.

A flush is any five cards of the same suit.

For example, the Jack of spades, deuce, five, nine, and king are all flushes. Straight combination, which consists of five cards in order. For example, an ACE, two, three, four, or five of any suit.

As with a straight flush, an ACE can start and end a combination.

Triplets, triplets, triplets-three cards of any suit, but of the same value. For example, three nines will be a set. If the players do not have any of the above combinations, then the one with the highest card (kicker) wins. Poker combinations by seniority (with table and pictures) are the Most common poker combinations. Card combinations in poker, in order of seniority. Table and images. Texas hold'em combinations and other types of poker do you Want to play poker professionally, earn money on cards, and win the world's biggest tournaments? In this case, you will have to start with the basics. Today let's touch on such a topic as poker combinations, without knowledge of which the game is inevitably negative. Combinations of cards in poker are the basis of the basics and the main component of the rules of poker, without knowing which you will not be able to enjoy the game, but you will simply lose money. Let's look at the most popular combinations of cards in poker by seniority, which are found in most games. The strongest card combination in poker is a Royal flush. It consists of five cards of the same suit, going in ascending order from ten to ACE. As far as the suit is concerned, it doesn't matter which Royal flush you've collected, since the diamond, hearts, spades, and clubs combinations are considered equivalent. The next most powerful card combination in poker is a straight flush. It consists of five consecutive cards of the same suit, but, unlike a Royal flush, it does not matter which cards are included in it. For example, it can be an eight, a nine, a ten, a Jack, and a Queen. According to the rules, the winner is the player whose highest card is higher. For example, a straight flush to king will be stronger than a straight flush to Queen. While the first two poker hands consisted of five cards, a square is made up of four cards of the same rank. For example, it can be four sixes or four Queens, etc. plus one extra card. According to the rules, if several players collect a square, the winner is the one whose cards that add up the combination are higher in rank. For example, a square of eights will be stronger than a square of sevens. A full house poker hand consists of three cards of one rank and two cards of another. For example, three eights and two sixes. The strength of the combination is determined by the rank of the three cards, the pair plays a secondary role.

For example, a full house with three eights and two tens will beat a similar combination with three sevens and two Queens.

If players collect triples of equal strength, the winner is determined by the rank of the pair. To collect a flush, the player only needs to collect five cards of one card. It does not matter in what order the combination is collected, it can, for example, be seven, Queen, ACE, eight and three. If several players collect a flush, the winner is determined by the highest card, as in the case of previous combinations. This combination consists of five consecutive cards of different suits.

For example, it can be a five of diamonds, six of hearts, seven of clubs, eight of diamonds and the Queen nine.

If several players collect a straight, the winner is determined by the strongest card in the combination. By the way, it is worth noting here that the ACE can be not only the highest, but also the lowest card of the straight A. in this case, the strongest card will be considered a five. This combination of cards in poker resembles a full house, consisting of three cards of the same rank, but instead of a pair, unrelated cards are allowed. For example, three fives, nine and four. As in the previous combinations, when collecting a set with several players, the winner is determined by the strongest three players. For example, a triple of sevens will be stronger than a triple of sixes, etc. When collecting identical triples, the winner is determined by the highest unconnected card. Everything is simple here. The player's goal is to collect two pairs of cards of the same rank. The suit doesn't matter in this case. For example, it can be two sixes and two kings.

The winner is determined by the rank of the highest pair.

The situation is similar to the previous combination, but it does not consist of two, but of one pair and three unrelated cards.

The principle of choosing the winner is similar to the above combinations.

If your combination during the game does not fit any of the above, then it will be evaluated according to the category of the highest card. For example, the king as the highest card will be stronger than the Queen, etc. To make it easier to remember poker combinations, we recommend that you open this table during the game or print it out and put it in front of you. The table shows the card combinations in poker by seniority, starting with the weakest and ending with the strongest. We remind you that the bonus promo code will help You practice your poker skills. The bonus combination is entered during registration in the room and doubles the amount of the first Deposit. Thanks to the additional funds, everyone will not only be able to collect a good starting bankroll, but also remember all the poker combinations.

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Card combinations in poker, in ascending order (with photo), the table owner, hands

Some types of poker do not use classic combinations

when studying the rules, it is important to master poker combinations and learn how to determine their strength

In the game, they are of great importance in determining the winner at the showdown.

It is by comparing the combinations that the bidder for the pot is determined when the last round of trading ends. Several dozen card games share common rules and the name "poker". The main thing that unites them is combinations that do not differ in many games.

Before playing poker, it is recommended to master the combinations in the pictures, understand how they are made up and how the seniority of poker combinations is determined.

A detailed description of each of them will also help you understand which poker combinations are the best, how they are made and compared. These are the Texas hold'em poker combinations that you should definitely master when learning the rules. The combinations used in hold'em poker are also used in Omaha, stud, And other card games. We recommend that you download poker combinations and keep them always in front of your eyes until you know them by heart. The value of card combinations in poker is regulated by the rules. In the presented list, they are arranged hierarchically in descending order of strength. The higher the combination is located, the older it is, which means that it is stronger than the hands that are located below. For example, a straight is older than a Pair and Three Of the same type. The table of poker hands allows you to compare combinations, but for a serious game, you should know the seniority. Combinations of the poker game may vary on the basis of seniority within the same name. For example, one player's flash May be older than the other's flash. How seniority is determined within a combination is described in the description of each of them. Poker hands or combinations can consist of two or more cards - up to five.

However, a hand in hold'em poker always consists of five cards.

These two concepts should not be confused! In the game of Texas hold'em, combinations play an important role in determining the winner, but it is often the hands that are compared. The fact is that situations where players make the same combinations are frequent, so the seniority in the poker game in such cases is determined by additional cards.

In this case, the concept of "kicker" is used, a card that plays a role in determining the strength of the hand, but is not included in the combination.

When playing poker, you should be able to determine the seniority of combinations perfectly - this will allow you not to overestimate the strength of the hand.

We are talking about low combinations used in Razz poker, - Triple Draws, etc.

the picture Cards in such poker are lower than twos and threes.

If you plan to play low-level games, learn more about the concept and how low-level seniority is determined.

Detailed answers to simple poker questions

He said he turned them over to see how I reacted

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about pokerThis article will be useful for both beginners and fairly experienced players, as you will find answers to some of the most popular search queries from various sites.

You can leave your own questions in the comments section below this article, and we will try to answer them.

Q: When I watch poker shows on TV, I get the impression that only good hands are dealt to players. Are they being manipulated there? The answer: In fact, these are all the wonders of editing. Thanks to editors, you'll never see thousands of boring, trivial giveaways. All this is done to make it interesting for viewers to watch the broadcast. Another point you should be aware of is that you almost never watch a live broadcast. All editions of the WSOP and any other series on TV are broadcast later one month after the series was held. Q: in a heads-up game, I go all-in, and my opponent turns the cards over without saying a word. Are his actions considered a pass? I threw my cards into the Mac because I thought he had discarded his cards. However, players with NATs (the best possible combination on the Board) very often turn their cards over in the blink of an eye just to avoid wasting time and "drinking the blood" of their opponent. In this case, the demonstration of cards will be counted as a call, based on the strength of the combination.

But it should also be noted that in tournaments, your hand can be considered "dead" if you turn the cards over.

This may not seem important, but it is better to check the rules with the dealer or Manager. And if you play at home, then make an agreement with other players so that there will be no disagreements. The answer: There is no single correct answer to this question. Unlikely we can hardly expect a poker boom in the future like in the early s, when online poker literally took over the world, and so much so that States simply did not have time to regulate this industry. Moreover, we will never encounter such a weak field, as it was in the "zero". The sudden influx of new players has created the best game in the history of poker. Now the Internet is full of training resources and various strategies, so you can hardly expect the same weak composition online again. However, there is a strong possibility that some US States will legalize poker. And if this happens in new York and California, we can expect a mini-boom.Let's imagine: online poker in, But there are also points on the world map where poker has just begun to develop.

Here, we rather just want to share our subjective thoughts

This is primarily South America.

Well, Asia remains the sweetest whale in the world poker aquarium. But for now, the chances of China joining the global pool of players are very, very small. Question: My friends and I they were playing poker. I had - on my hands, my friend J-.

Who should win in this situation? Answer: Your friend.

This is a fairly common situation that causes confusion for beginners. You have two pairs in your hands (Fours and Threes), but there are two older pairs on the Board (Fours and Tens). In this situation, seniority is determined by the kicker. Your opponent has collected a --J combo, and you have collected a.Seniority of poker hands in no-Limit hold'em Q: I just recently started playing poker online. But once I was suspected of colluding because I simply marked my hand on the river. Why? Answer: Most likely, you just checked with the best (of all possible) hands on the river. That is, they did not take any active actions. An experienced player will consider this action as collusion on your part with another player.

Don't worry, this situation can happen to any player.

Just remember the rule: if you have the strongest hand on the river a combination of all possible ones on the Board, you must perform an active action.Strange poker rules that you didn't know about before Question: I play online poker at low limits.

A month ago, I withdrew my winnings. And since then, regardless of my hand, I've been outbid by my opponent every time on the river, getting one of their outs. This has been going on for the second month now. What should I do? The answer: This is called "variance". There is a chance that you had a good time before, since you were able to withdraw your winnings. But now your luck has run out. If you believe that the RNG is being adjusted after the cashout, then write down your hand history for the past year and carefully review it. You will see that over time, the distance returns everything to its place.

How to choose a poker room in to play for real money

Some minor ones small things can play an important role

The abundance of poker sites makes it difficult for beginners and experienced poker players to choose a place to playEnticing advertising promises lucrative bonuses, large tournaments, which in fact does not always turn out to be true. Detailed instructions will explain which poker room to choose in - find out about the best bonus offers, the highest rakeback, and the real reputation of online establishments. Rooms differ in game conditions, the range of tables and tournaments, and offer various conditions for financial settlements. When choosing a site, you need to take into account many criteria, which will allow you to choose the optimal room in all parameters. Popularity is a significant criterion that allows you to give an overall rating to the site. If a place is visited by a lot of users - it deserves attention. Some popular rooms are not suitable for players from the Russian Federation - the main traffic is made up of Asian poker players, and suitable conditions are not created for citizens of the former Soviet Union. Rating in of the popularity of rooms hosting Russian-speaking players according to PokerScout data (average values in active users playing at the same time): data on cash tables are Given. Additional traffic is generated by tournaments. According to statistics, there are always more tournament players than cash players.

It is necessary to take attendance into account in order to assess the likelihood of attractive game conditions and the likelihood of encountering a shortage of opponents.

A rake Commission is charged from the played pots, tournament fees, and rooms.

In popular poker rooms, it is approximately equal - - at cash tables, - in online casinos.

An important role is played by the loyalty program-the return of part of the rake for an active game.

The VIP system in establishments differs in terms of profitability - it is recommended to choose a poker room based on the conditions of rewards for active play.

The choice of a poker room for playing for real money should be made taking into account the gaming preferences. It is necessary that the site allows you to comfortably play the types of poker that the poker player prefers. Popular hold'em is offered by all online rooms. Other disciplines are not as accessible. Some rooms support certain types of poker, but there is an acute shortage of opponents at the tables.

When choosing a room, you need to evaluate the game traffic

The most important choice factor is the fulfillment of financial obligations. An establishment that does not withdraw winnings is not worth paying attention to! Players use a rating to assess their reputation - it includes additional parameters (bonus amounts, rakeback, and payment systems). Additionally, study the reviews of real users.

Game platforms differ in functionality, convenience, and system requirements.

Choose the best one the poker client allows testing - you can install the software of several rooms, play for comparison. Pay attention to important features for earning money - support for trackers, multi-table game. Out of dozens of establishments in our rating, there are rooms that are suitable for Russian-speaking users. It remains to choose a poker room or several - many poker players alternate the game in different rooms. Brief reviews will allow you to find out the features, advantages, and disadvantages. The restaurant was created for players of the post-Soviet space-it is aimed at residents of the Russian Federation, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. It has an impeccable reputation and favorable earning conditions. Regularly holds major online and offline Championships. In regular tournaments, the player draws a total guarantee of billion rubles per year. The legendary online casino is the largest poker community. Includes additional products: PokerStars TV, Live, casino, sports betting. Organizes live events around the world, allowing you to qualify for offline events Championships in online satellites. On a regular basis performs live series in the gambling zones of Russia. It ranks second in popularity after PokerStars. It is focused on tournament players-it conducts large offline and online series. Allows you to play the starting days of offline events in an online format. It is rapidly developing, integrating exclusive features and unique game features. The popularity of poker is variable-it increases during the selection period for the WSOP, major online Championships. It is focused on cash poker - the tournament range is limited. A weak playing field allows you to earn good money at cash tables by playing strategy. Conducts official online satellites to the World series of Poker events, being an exclusive sponsor.

The Russian-language flagship of the IPoker network.

A great choice for beginners - stylish design, simple design, only the necessary functions and settings. It is aimed at recreational visitors - the playing field is weak and allows you to win thanks to luck, using simple strategies.

The only institution in the GGNetwork network focused on players of the former Soviet Union.

The innovation room has a different approach to organizing promotions and loyalty programs. Modern software is rich in exclusive features-it is integrated with social networks, allows you to collect and analyze statistics, replacing auxiliary poker programs.

Online rooms encourage new players to register and make their first Deposit, giving them a deferred cash bonus.

To turn it into real money, the bonus balance must be wagered. When paying for rake, the poker player receives points - after earning a certain number of points, he receives a part of the funds from the bonus balance to the cash account. Deposit bonus - a type of rakeback.

Playing after registration, the poker player receives an additional rakeback, while participating in the General loyalty program.

Playing after making the first Deposit is the most profitable period in terms of earning money on rakeback. VIP-system, according to which is credited with rakeback and cashback, may differ in the benefits in different rooms. It is difficult for an inexperienced player to assess the advantages and disadvantages of a loyalty program. Learn more about the features of earning rakeback in online rooms. Detailed instructions will help you understand why it is important and how experienced poker players earn money from it.

Download Video Poker Calculator. Odds calculator for video poker. This program is designed to increase the productivity of the game and to help you choose the best option when playing in an online casino

Prediction of the productivity game

Calculator for video poker

This program is designed to increase the productivity of the game and to help you choose the best option when playing in an online casino.

To analyze the game's productivity, you can use the following graphs: distribution of winnings, risk of ruin, probability of winning drawing losing. Statistics for any card exchange option - for any card combination entered, the program shows the best card exchange option. If desired, you can study the statistics for any other exchange option. Stack the matching cards in descending order from top to bottom. A fully assembled row is removed, bringing you closer to victory a Collection of more than a thousand of the most diverse card games.

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solitaire games with beautiful graphics, sound, statistics and a master of creating your own solitaire games.

A large collection of card games, including more than card games, including almost all the most popular types of solitaire Spider Solitaire-card game.

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Allows you to play sochinka, Leningradka and Rostovka, as well as configure common game conventions.

ROI in poker: how to calculate it correctly and use it in the game

One of these indicators is is the ROI

In the course of learning new game techniques and getting deeper into poker strategy, beginners are faced with an increasing number of concepts and terms

Not every beginner can immediately understand how this abbreviation stands for.

In today's article, we will try to explain what ROI is in poker, as well as how to correctly calculate it and use it in the game. And so ROI in poker is an indicator that allows you to assess how successfully and profitably a poker player plays in tournament events.  Reduction stands for return on investment.

It looks like this: ROI ((EB - EB) -) X

Evaluate this indicator you can understand what a particular player is playing plus or minus and, accordingly, see the level of his skills.

It is worth noting that ROI in poker is meant only when we talk about tournament play.

In order to evaluate the advantages of playing at cash tables, you need to know the win rate of the opponent.

Well, we've covered the basic concepts, and now let's try to figure out how to calculate SWARMS in poker.

This indicator ultimately allows you to understand how profitable or unprofitable the outcome of the game is in relation to the funds invested in it.

To evaluate all attachments, you need to take into account both buy-ins and payment of rake to the room, which is also included in the entrance fee.

If you take into account both the Commission and buy-in, you can get more accurate indicators and, accordingly, objective data.

To calculate SWARMS, you will need basic knowledge of mathematics and skills in working with formulas.

When calculating, we need to subtract all investments from the total amount of money won, and then divide the resulting number by the investment amount and multiply by to get a percentage indicator. That is, the formula will look something like this: ROI (EB - EB) Ebx in order to better understand this formula, you can analyze a specific example. Let's say you participated in tournaments, and the buy-in for each event was $, which means that our total EB is $. During these ten tournaments, thanks to your skills, you managed to win a total of $. Accordingly, to calculate the ROI in poker, you need to make the following example, now multiply by to get the percentage and we get SWARMS of, which is not even bad.

There is another formula to calculate this indicator, it is more suitable for beginners, as it is considered simpler.

Let's consider an example of calculating the swarm USING this method. Let's say that you had to win back MTT events with a buy-in of $ $. (i.e, a five-dollar entry fee and another cents as a rake). In the results, the total amount of investment, that is, EB was bucks. But now the game was not so successful, now the opponent is bluffing, then the card does not go, the total profit was only $.

Creating an example (-), now multiply by and get.

But calculations alone are not enough to say something about your own game or the opponent's game, you need to analyze the results. So what do we do with this SWARM? If we take into account the first case, our ROI is, which means that for every dollar spent on buy-ins the player gets an additional cents. Therefore, his game makes a profit, that is, it is positive. Now let's look at the second situation, in which we got an actual indicator of. It means that for every dollar spent on buy-ins, we need to subtract cents.

That is, the game is at a loss and is negative.

However, many regulars do not think it is correct to evaluate their own gaming skills or the skills of the opponent, focusing solely on the ROI indicator in poker.

It doesn't always produce objective complete the picture, you need to take into account the limits, the player's distance, and multi-tabling. Let's take a closer look at each item. As we already know, variance in poker (and therefore upstrike and downstroke) is an integral part of the game. That is why if we want to know the real level of the opponent's game, we need to take into account how long he plays. Distance allows us to minimize the effect of variance. That is why we can only talk about a more or less objective picture when played CIS tournaments or at least multi-table tournaments. But it's not just distance that is important when evaluating ROI in poker. We also need to take into account the limits, especially if we compare the performance of several opponents. To better understand the impact of limits, let's model the situation: One poker player likes CIS tournaments more and plays at limits of. dollars, his SWARM is, while the second poker player plays at the same single-table tournaments, but at limits of. and his SWARM shows. If we increase the distance to tables for each of the players, we find out that the first managed to earn $, and the second managed to earn $. during the same time. What does this give us? This example clearly demonstrates that a good ROI is not always a sign of a big profit. The indicator may not be too high, but the player has enough winnings to live comfortably. When we talk about regulars, we can't ignore the number of tables played during multitabling. Let's say after the analysis in our game, we saw that when playing on tables, we demonstrate a higher ROI than when playing on a similar game on tables.

But this does not mean that you need to return to playing at four tables.

Many beginners forget to take into account that playing at and tables takes the same time, but in the second case, the profit on a long distance will be higher than in the first.

Again, a concrete example. For tables, we win back with a swarm of, while for tables we win back with. For one session, in the first case, we will receive $, and in the second, $. That is, again, we can see that with a lower ROI at tables, we get more profit, that is, we need to focus on playing at, not at tables. It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally, as well as specify specific figures that could be considered "normal". This is primarily due to the fact that ROI itself does not give a complete picture, and many factors need to be taken into account. So if we are talking about single-table tournaments on low if there are no limits, then of the swarm CAN be considered optimal. However, keep in mind that the larger the buy-in amount, the lower the ROI will become.

Beginners often misjudge the indicator, because when they see an opponent's ROI of or, they think that they are almost facing Daniel Negreanu.

But in fact, such a high ROI only means that the player rarely participates in tournaments and receives large winnings, or a very short distance is estimated. Therefore, it is difficult to talk about the assessment of skills here.

And so, we have analyzed what is ROI in poker and how to calculate it correctly.

Having learned how to evaluate SWARMS, the player will be able to draw certain conclusions about the level of the opponent's game, but his comprehensive analysis involves taking into account many factors, including distance, limits and the number of tables in parallel play. Therefore, the correct assessment requires some skills and gaming experience. Detailed reviews of the best poker rooms, Analytics from professional players and the latest news - all this is for you you can find it on the pages of our resource.

Poker chips: how to choose the right one? News Pokerenergy

Let's look at each aspect separately

How to choose the right playing chips for poker? - this is one of the first questions asked by a poker fan who wants to play liveUpon closer examination, it turns out that making the right choice is a challenge quite difficult. Often the answer to the question depends on the purpose for which you want to buy poker chips. If you are tired of playing conditional chips online and want to occasionally play live poker, then simple and uncomplicated poker accessories will suit you for infrequent gatherings. For a regular poker game, you need to choose the most high-quality and long-lasting option. And some enthusiasts collect playing chips at all, and, therefore, are interested in purchasing them individually.

This will help you choose the right kit and avoid common mistakes that can spoil the live game with poor-quality accessories.

But first, let's answer the question: is it Possible to do without chips? Chips in poker act as a universal unit of account.

They perform the same functions as money in the turnover of goods.

Based on these two sentences, a logical idea arises: Why not use money instead of chips?. After all, this will allow save a decent amount of money on playing chips. And why only the creators of poker didn't think about it? However, if you've ever had any interest in the history of poker, you'll know that no chips were originally used in the game. In Texas, the birthplace of No Limit Holdem, not only money was wagered, but also gold bars, animal skins, weapons, and even horses. The lack of a common denominator led to real chaos and constant quarrels over confusion. Who won, who lost, where is whose bet, and whether the losing opponent paid their bet. After some time, the managers of bars and other entertainment establishments came up with a great idea - to introduce the exchange of money for chips for players. A miracle happened - the quarrels and squabbles stopped and relative order came. We can safely say that the introduction of chips saved dozens of lives. Two centuries ago, there was no centralized token production yet. Therefore, poker chips made with their own hands from improvised materials. Various gambling houses used chips made of wood, metal, and even bone. It's funny that the absurd and primitive chips of that time are now estimated by collectors at thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars. Soon, a new value of chips was discovered for game organizers. People at the table were much more willing to part with abstract chips than with real money. A simple psychological trick and no cheating! This fact has become an additional advantage and argument of poker chips.

Often it ended with duels from classic westerns

How many poker chips you need depends on the estimated number of players in your games. One thing is for sure-poker without chips is problematic and extremely inconvenient to play. Children's approach to playing chips in the form of matches or other analogs is taken out of brackets. If you are going to play poker with a group of - people, then you definitely don't need to order tokens.

It will be enough to purchase - pieces.

Proceed from a simple calculation: for one player, you need - poker chips for a comfortable game. We will also give other values depending on the number of players: Naturally, no one bothers you to order a set with a small margin. This will allow your home games to be more versatile. And the number of players may increase over time. The simplest and cheapest material is plastic. Here everything is traditional: low quality is compensated by availability. If live poker is a one-time promotion for you, then plastic chips will be a good option. If you plan to organize home games on a regular basis, it is better to pay attention to other types. Plastic is subject to wear and tear and will quickly fail if used frequently. Another significant drawback of cheap plastic tokens is not to build spectacular stacks, as in professional poker tournaments or in Hollywood movies. Let's not forget about the special sound that can be heard during the game.

An ordinary plastic chip will not have such a sound because of its lightness.

Composite chips differ from plastic ones in the presence of a weighting agent inside.

Despite the fact that such kits are also made of plastic, the quality of the material here is significantly higher.

In poker, there is a universal rule about tokens: the heavier the chip, the more expensive and better the material from which it is made. Composite kits with metal have a perfectly balanced price-performance ratio. Ceramic is the most expensive material for poker sets. A poker fan only needs to hold such a chip in his hand for a few seconds in order to understand all its charm. They are more pleasant to the touch and more monolithic than plastic and composite options.

Ceramic poker chips are used in casinos.

They are considered professional poker chips. Ceramic tokens were considered too expensive for home games, but in recent years many poker lovers are willing to pay a high price for real chips. When playing poker with a ceramic set, you need to an additional condition is real poker cloth. Only this combination will allow you not to worry about the rapid wear of the ceramic kit.

Summary: Composite chips are the best combination of price and quality, we recommend choosing them.

More expensive ceramics are suitable if you plan to completely recreate the atmosphere of professional poker. Poker chips can be either with or without face value. The face value refers to the value of a particular token, indicated by the number on it. Counting and playing when using a set with denominations is much more convenient and easier. You will not need any additional knowledge other than basic addition and subtraction skills.

It will be much easier for a beginner to play with clearly marked stacks.

Poker chips with no face value are not so common, but they also have their own supporters. At first glance, the meaning of such sets is not very clear. Indeed, a bet during the game that sounds like I'm betting red and yellow chips is clearly not sets you up for real poker. In fact, there is a generally accepted distribution of poker tokens by value, depending on their colors. This is a characteristic feature of a professional casino poker game. The most popular and widespread combination of colors and denominations looks like this: a Significant advantage of poker chips without denominations is that you can independently agree on the value of each of the colors. This will allow you to bypass the restrictions when playing in a tournament format or with deep stacks. The obvious disadvantage is that beginners will find it more difficult to understand and will have to check the denominations with knowledgeable players. Summary: give preference to the option with denominations. The less organizational complexity involved in the game, the more fun poker will be! The standard weight of a good poker chip varies from to grams. Lighter ones are valued less than their professional counterparts with a larger mass. Due to the iron insert in composite tokens, their weight does not differ from ceramic chips for poker games. A significant drawback of light plastic is their instability. But the mass of good chips can paradoxically become a negative factor. If you are playing a big game at a full table of - players, you will need tokens for a comfortable poker experience. By simple mathematical calculations, we come to the conclusion that the weight of the kit will be from to kilograms. Now you can't argue with the statement Poker is a sport, checkmate all poker enemies! The size of the poker chip is standardized. In the vast majority of cases, the diameter of one chip is millimeters. To order, the manufacturer can produce a kit with a diameter of mm.

Be careful not to ignore the diameter of the chips if you decide to buy a poker set separately: not all cases will fit both diameters.

Summary: the Optimal weight of a poker chip ranges from to. The usual diameter of a poker token is millimeters. The most subjective category when choosing a kit. We recommend it when choosing a suitable option, pay attention to the differences between the chips inside one set. If the chips of different denominations are decorated in similar colors, it can be very inconvenient and cause difficulties when choosing the size of bets. You run the risk of putting an overbet instead of a neat finish on the river, which will surprise not only your opponents, but also yourself. Another criterion is the quality of images on the bundle. The worst option is cheap stickers, which will peel off very quickly and poker accessories will lose a significant part of their gloss. If you have such an opportunity, then check the quality of the sticker with a nail or some sharp object.

The ideal way to design tokens is to use a hologram.

They will retain an attractive appearance even if very actively used for many years. As in the case of choosing a deck of cards, to which we have devoted a separate article, many poker fans prefer tokens that are identical to those used in the game. professional poker tournaments. Ceramic chips with the EPT design are an absolute favorite with this approach. Our choice is for purely aesthetic reasons Tartan. The key factors in choosing the right poker chips are the number of players in the planned live games and the material.

We recommend buying a set of tokens made of composite material.

If you are serious, then instead of plastic with a weighting agent, give preference to more expensive ceramic poker chips. The option with a nominal value is much more convenient, so we will choose them. Poker chips with no face value will slow down the game process. Solid poker chips weigh from to grams, and their diameter is millimeters.

There are sometimes tokens with millimeters on the poker series, so this is also a good choice.

When choosing a design, make sure that the chips of different denominations are not monophonic, and the stickers are of poor quality.

Stickers on poker chips clearly indicate the low quality of the set. in the future, this can lead to problems during the game.

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How to play painted poker: rules of the game

All players are dealt cards in turn, clockwise order

Many people from CIS countries played card games in their childhood: fool, thousand, preference, bridge and many other card games they brightened up the evenings, and also helped to have fun in the companyProbably many of you played in your childhood and painted poker, which is also called children's poker and Odessa poker. This game is a simplified preference, so it is not difficult to learn how to play this type of poker. In fact, painted poker has little in common with poker itself, however, in the former Soviet Union, poker was not as popular as in the West, and few people knew how to play "real" poker.

For this reason, the word "poker"in the name of this card game is present for another reason - the word "poker" was called "Joker", and painted poker is played using the Joker, which is usually the seven of spades.

But let's take a closer look at the rules of the game of painted poker.

Before the start of the game, a paper sheet is prepared on which the number of rounds is recorded, the participants "order" bribes and the number of points.

Recording is done in different ways, but most often as shown in the diagram.

In the first round, the dealer hands out one card to all players and shows a trump card. After reviewing their cards, players begin to place bets on who will take how many bribes or make a pass (the player declares that he will not take any bets). Bribes are made clockwise, the player who sits to the left of the dealer is the first to announce his bribe, so the dealer says his word last. It is noteworthy that the dealer cannot name the number of bribes that, combined with the bribes of other players, will correspond to the number of cards each player has. That is, if cards were dealt in a -person game, and players who placed an "order" in front of the dealer ordered a total of tricks, then the dealer does not have the right to order trick, since in this case the number of ordered tricks will be equal to the total number of cards dealt (i.e.

This situation is unacceptable, as one of the players must be sorted out or not enough.

So, after players receive their cards, they make an order for bribes. When all players have placed their orders, the actual draw begins. The first move is made by the player who sits to the left of the dealer. He puts his card in the open on the table, and the other players put their cards in turn. If a player puts a diamond card on the table, then all other players must also put a diamond card, if there is no diamond card, then a trump card, if there is no trump card, then a card of any suit. If none of the players put down a trump card, then the bribe is taken by the player who had the highest card of the declared suit (the seniority of cards is normal - the ACE is the highest card, and the six is the lowest). If any of the players put a trump card or a wild card, then he will take the bribe.

But let's talk about everything in order

The player who took the trick will be the next to make a move.

And so the game continues until all cards will not be drawn. A player who has a wild card, usually the seven of spades, can beat any other card with this card, including the ACE of trumps. In addition, the player who puts the Joker on the table with the first card of the con, then he can place an order. The Joker can be ordered "according to the senior trump", "trump for Junior", "high card", "down the map", and then all players will be required to put a card from their hand in accordance with the order. Also, the Joker can be a low card that does not take a bribe - at the request of the player who has the Joker. If a player is gleaning - that is, took fewer tricks than were ordered, then it points subtracted from this amount how many tricks the player gleaning (for every shortfall of the bribe is subtracted points if a player lost more bribes, then subtract, etc. points, in accordance with the size of the shortfall). If a player took as many bribes as he ordered, then for each bribe he is awarded points (the player ordered bribes and completed your order - you get points). After the first round, a second round follows, in which players are dealt cards each. This increases the number of cards in each round until the entire deck is dealt. In the last round (ascending), where players are dealt the entire deck without a remainder, the trump card is assigned according to the last card in the deck. That is, the player who is dealt the last card is turned over and shown a trump card. If the wild card turns out to be a trump card, then the draw goes without trumps. After all the ascending rounds have been played, the descending rounds begin. That is, with each round, the number of cards dealt decreases by one, and so on until the players are dealt card each. After that, four special rounds begin. Each of the special rounds takes place as many times as there are participants in the game. All players are dealt the maximum number of cards. Players place their orders before the game starts. they'll see the maps. The total amount of bribes can be equal to the number of possible bribes. The Golden game. Players do not place orders for the number of tricks, and each player tries to take as many tricks as possible, since for each trick an increased number of points is awarded (usually twice). Players do not place orders for the number of bribes, and each player tries to take as few bribes as possible, since for each bribe the player is fined (usually - points for each bribe). After all rounds are completed, the total number of players points is calculated, and the player with the highest number of points is considered the winner. If you want to remember this glorious game, or learn how to play, and can't find any opponents, then you have a great opportunity to play painted poker online. You can download painted poker to your phone absolutely for free and play online with various opponents.

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